03 Jun - 03 Sep, 2019 Proposal submission closed

Posters for PyCon India 2019

Posters are graphical summary of projects or ideas. They are usually presented with an A0 size poster, but any creative ways are always welcome. The poster session provides an opportunity to network with the conference attendees and acts as a starting point for further discussions. While talks generally needs to appeal to a wide section of the community, posters can cover niche topics.

PyCon India 2019 will be having a poster presentation session at post lunch, day 1. During the poster presentation session you will be provided with a poster board that can hold an A0 size poster, and a table to place your laptop, for demos. Conference attendees interested in your topic, will stop by, during which you can give them a brief presentation / demo.


  • Poster CFP opens: 3rd June, 2019
  • Poster CFP closes: 3rd September, 2019
  • Selected posters announced: 14th September, 2019
  • Draft posters to be submitted On: 15th September, 2019
  • Posters will be presented on: 12th October, 2019


What is the difference between a talk and a poster?

Talks and posters are different ways of interacting with the conference audience. A topic can be presented as talk, if the intention is to explain the topic in detail. A poster on the other hand, is similar to a lightning talk, in that it quickly introduces the audience to a topic, and acts as trigger point for further discussion.

There are some specific cases where posters are better suited than talks:

  • Due to the nature of the poster presentation format, it is better suited for demos, the attendees can interact with the project. This is especially useful for hardware projects.

  • If you are first time conference attendee, or a first time speaker at a conference, posters let you engage with the audience without getting intimidated by the large crowd.

  • Niche topics that are domain heavy, are better suited as posters. Examples: Python in local language computing, Python in embedded Linux build automation, Python used in scientific study of ailments, etc.

Can I submit both a talk and a poster proposal?

You can submit a talk and poster proposal for the same topic. If your talk does not get selected, you can use the poster session, to introduce your topic, and engage with the audience. Given the limited space and time at the conference, only one of them will get selected though.

What makes a good poster?

First, ensure that you select a good title. Conference attendees will use it to determine which posters to attend. Make sure it brings in audience who will be interested in your poster.

Second, for the poster itself, here are a few tips for creating the poster:

  • While textual representation is good, graphical representation will attract more eyes
  • Make sure the contents are properly sized and spaced in the poster so that it is viewable from decent distance
  • Provoke the reader's curiosity which will open up space for further discussions
  • Provide links for the attendees to know more about the topic and connect with you / the community

Do you have sample poster proposals to get started?

You can check the poster proposals from other conferences:

Can I do a poster in a local language?

Yes! Since attendees can choose which poster they want to attend, your poster can be in a local language. This makes sense only if there will be sufficient no. of participants who are familiar with the language. This can also be done, if the topic is itself about projects / libraries on regional language computing. Please be noted that the proposal itself needs to be in English, for the reviewers to be able to comprehend your proposal.

Questions and Discussions

Contact the coordinators through email:
Naren - narenravi92@gmail.com
Abhishek - zerothabhishek@gmail.com
The team: cfp@in.pycon.org

Proposal Sections

  1. Game Design and 3D Modelling - Python in developing games, 3-D modelling and animation
  2. Embedded Python and IOT - MicroPython, Python on Hardware, Robotics, Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  3. Culture and society - Diversity, health, productivity, workspace issues, privacy, community building, coding for causes
  4. Others - Everything else that may be of interest to the audience.
  5. Core Python - Language Features, Python Implementations, Extending Python and Standard Library, language internals
  6. Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
  7. Desktop Applications - Qt, GTK+, Tkinter, Gnome, KDE, Accessibility
  8. Scientific Computing - Python usage in scientific computing and research. GIS, Mathematics, Simulations
  9. Community - Show case your community using a poster
  10. Developer tools and automation - Testing, CI/CD, Containers, Orchestration, Logging and Monitoring
  11. Web development - Web, Apis, Microservices
  12. Networking and Security - Network Programming, Network Security and Encryption

Proposal Types

  1. Community-poster - Community posters
  2. Poster - Poster presentation

Selected Proposals


3 0

4. Secure and Private AI with PySyft

rakshit naidu (~rakshit04) 25 Aug, 2019

3 0

11. The Onion Routing (TOR)

UltimateCoder (~ultimatecoder) 31 Jul, 2019

5 0

19. SSVEP Based Wheelchair

Smit Jethwa (~smit78) 19 Aug, 2019

4 0

20. Callisto: Brining Jupyter to Classroom

Amey Agrawal (~amey48) 11 Jul, 2019

2 0

34. Enterprise Applications of Pythonic Microservices

Sameer Kulkarni (~sameer52) 03 Sep, 2019


0 0

3. Kaniyam Foundation for Tamil Computing

Shrinivasan T (~shrinivasan) 26 Aug, 2019

0 0

4. Build to Learn

doraithodla 25 Sep, 2019

0 0

5. Womentechmakers Chennai

Nivetha Maran (~nivetha) 25 Sep, 2019

0 0

7. Hyderabad Python User Group [aka HydPy]

Sanchit Balchandani (~sanchit3) 28 Sep, 2019

0 0

9. PyData Delhi

MSanKeys963 14 Sep, 2019

0 0

10. KDE community showcase

Piyush Aggarwal (~brute4s99) 24 Aug, 2019

0 0

12. Mozillians at Tamilnadu

VISWAPRASATH KS (~viswaprasath) 02 Oct, 2019

0 0

14. We Are VGLUG

sathish kumar (~sathish39) 01 Oct, 2019

0 0

15. Student Developers Poster

Darshan Baid (~darshan52) 02 Oct, 2019

0 0

16. We are PyData Pune

Devendra Bhat (~devendra39) 22 Aug, 2019

List of Proposals

3 0

2. Accessorized AAC tablet

jeyaram88 31 Jul, 2019

2 0

3. Python for Chatbot

Smit Jethwa (~smit78) 13 Aug, 2019

5 0

6. Python for Data Science

Sandesh Rathod (~sandesh52) 28 Aug, 2019

1 0

7. Steps to prepare data for Machine Learning

George Abraham (~georgeabraham5) 28 Aug, 2019

2 0

11. Form Framework, React Json Dynamic Forms

Prabakaran.A (~prabaprakash) 31 Aug, 2019

2 0

15. Python for IOT

Bhargav kuvadiya (~bhargav56) 03 Sep, 2019

9 0

35. Encouraging Budding Women entrepreneurs of India

MALLADI KRISHNA TEJASWI (~malladi) 27 Sep, 2019