Walkathon for Python

Cr Sundar (~cr)


The aim of the 'Walkathon for Python' is to spread an awareness about Python all over Tamil Nadu. It has been observed that the younger generation of IT professionals are avid out-door enthusiasts. They love the great open world, more so since they spend a major part of the day cooped up in front of their systems. This program will give them a chance to take part in organised activity where they can get sunlight and fresh air. By this Walkathon we can hope to make Python language a house hold word. This will make parents demand that Python be taught to their children in schools all over Tamil Nadu. In the years to come Python could well become the third-language of Tamil Nadu. Should that happen it is not a long road for Python to get accepted in the national curricula. If the proposal for 'Walkathon for Python' obtains traction during PyCon the modalities of how and when the Walkathon will take place can be decided in due course.


Will to win without minding physical hardships.

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I am a retired Army Officer. Since end-2016 I have been a python enthusiast. I also love outdoors. By my proposal for 'Walkathon for Python' I hope to combine my two interests to create public awareness about Python.

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I have also submitted a proposal for a talk on similar lines.

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