Predict Stocks and Invest in the Stock Markets using Machine Learning in Python

Shivam Dhanadhya (~shivam85)


  • My poster covers the basic idea of the stock market and hedge funds. Explains in brief about the same.
  • Puts a light on how humans have been using technical indicators to invest in the stock market.
  • Emphasises the comparison between the results observed when the same technical indicators are used along with the manual strategy of investment and machine learning in python strategy of investment.
  • Provides the graphical and numerical comparisons between the returns on investment between the manual and Machine learning in python approaches.


  • Basic knowledge of ML related Python libraries.
  • Low-level understanding of how hedge funds and stock-prices works.

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I work as a Software Engineer at Veritas technologies, India, also I am a graduate student (OMSCS) at the Georgia Institute of technologies. I have completed a course on Machine Learning in Trading. I have done some hands-on implementation on stock investment strategy and did a comparative study on stock investment using manual strategy and using machine learning algorithms implemented in Python.

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