Steps to prepare data for Machine Learning

George Abraham (~georgeabraham5)


Machine Learning is the field of study that gives computers the capability to learn. ML is one of the most fascinating technologies that one would have ever come across.It makes the computer more similar to humans by giving the ability to learn. Machine learning is actively being used today in many more places than one would expect. Now, to make it learn like human we require inputs i.e Data. The data can be collected from various sources such as internet, institutes etc depending on the project. We can create a simple program using Python.


Basics of Python and knowledge of terminal in computer.

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George Abraham : An undergraduate student pursuing Computer Engineering who is keen in learning emerging new technologies. He has worked as a Database Administrator in 'Pantaloons' using 'SAP' software also is currently working on a project 'Big data Encryption' using python. He is a boon who wants to learn SQL database.

Sandesh Rathod : An undergraduate student pursuing Computer Engineering having knowledge of upcoming technologies. He has worked as a website admin in a leading travel company. He is currently working in helping the differently abled people using his project 'Hands-un-capped'. He is also good in communicating with others.

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George Abraham : Github

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