Deploying AirBnB’s Knowledge Repo at scale

Abhirath Batra (~abhirath54)


What :

Knowledge Repo, an open-source knowledge sharing platform by Airbnb, has rapidly become a tool of choice for Data Scientists to share analyses and insights while ensuring reproducibility, a key foundation of any scientific research. It allows for analyses done in Jupyter Notebooks and R-Markdowns to be curated in an immutable, presentable, searchable and shareable manner allowing seamless consumption of insights and knowledge.

The problem :

However, Knowledge Repo has been made to work comfortably for internal teams, with a selected set of “repositories” loaded on deployment. It would also need an internal server admin of sorts to manage the server.

What we did : The poster will talk about our fork of Knowledge Repo which is modified to :

  1. Use Database backend to remove the need to use KRs(Knowledge Repositories)
  2. Add KRs to a deployed server on the fly.
  3. Add posts to KRs directly
  4. Attach this as a microservice to a platform(case in point : Polly[HTML_REMOVED]TM[HTML_REMOVED])

How: It will also talk about how these features were implemented by:

  1. Leveraging the impeccable Object Oriented design of KR
  2. Modifying Database object and connection cycles
  3. URL blueprinting to allow reverse proxy


  1. Jupyter notebook
  2. Object Oriented Programming
  3. Some web development

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Speaker Info:

I'm Abhirath Batra, working at Elucidata as a Bioinformatics Engineer. I've been interested in using computing to solve problems in science and have worked on molecular simulations, ML and data to solve questions in biological systems

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