Animation-based learning with Python Tools

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Formal education is, for the most part, focused on problem-solving techniques. In due process, the "essence" of the subject is lost. FOSSEE Animations aspires to supplement theory/rigour with geometric intuition among students and professionals alike. We aspire to create an extensive library of community-curated videos on STEM topics using Open-Source tools like Blender, manim and mayavi.

"manim" short for "Math Animation" is a Python-based tool created by Grant Sanderson for the popular Youtube Channel 3Blue1Brown. It is powerful while also simple to pick-up. A large portion of the scientific community is familiar with the animation videos made with manim due to 3Blue1Brown's popularity. Likewise, tools such as Blender, Mayavi and VPython each come with their diverse set of capabilities. Such tools can actively be utilised in the propagation of science by teachers and professors in the academic field.

The poster will present content on Python tools for scientific visualisation, motivation for adopting a geometric approach to STEM ( such as stats ) and information on FOSSEE Animations itself (including how to get started, contribute and contact us). We shall also present short demos and samples on animating with manim, Blender and mayavi.


Basic understanding of Python

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  • Purusharth Saxena: I'm currently working as a Project Research Assistant with FOSSEE, IIT Bombay. I've taught a certificate course in Python for Data Analysis in Christ University while also studying there.

  • Sharanya Achut: I'm currently working as a Project Research Assistant with FOSSEE, IIT Bombay.

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