Smater and Intelligent ways to Train Deep Learning Models.

AMAN PANDEY (~aman69)


We all know Deep Learning, Machine Learning is doing wonders for us. It has its presence in every product we use today.

Data and Compute resource are two major driving factors behind this tremendous success. But have you ever wondered

  • How to train deep learning model if we have less amount of data for a particular problem?
  • How to achieve maximum accuracy from the model by simultaneously reducing the training time?
  • What to do if the model is not converging beyond some loss value and it's stuck at some saddle point?

In this Poster presentation, we take a look at how to train a deep learning model for state of the art result and learn several techniques for faster convergence which can be used both in Computer Vision and NLP task.



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Utkarsh Vardhan:- Currently working as a Data Scientist at Curl Analytics. Solving Computer Vision and NLP related problems using Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Aman Pandey:- Currently working as Research Intern at Instoried. Solving Computer Vision and NLP related problems using Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Together we organize Meetup at Bengaluru on a weekly basis where we discuss the current trends in deep-learning and it's the surprisingly effective role in solving real case scenarios. This meetup aims to educate, inspire, and enable you to rapidly prototype your next idea using ML and DL models. The strategy will be to focus more on Hands-On experience first, and then, take you deeper into concepts. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are evolving extremely fast which makes the concepts invented last year, obsolete this year. Therefore we will cover mostly the latest concepts used in the industry. This meetup focuses on "how to build and understand", not just "how to use".

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Utkarsh Vardhan :-

Aman Pandey :-

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