Animation & Visual Effects : Accelerated by Python

Ashish Dantu (~ashish45)


Everyday we get entertained by movies, short films, TV content etc. We fall in love with our favorite stories and characters, all thanks to the story tellers and mastery of artists who bring these to life. In this poster, we will share some of the concepts involved in movie making and how Python is used to accelerate artist's creative workflows.

We introduce various creative departments, some of their common requirements and how Python is used to craft software solutions. We explore how Python is used to achieve efficiency and effectiveness via the following use cases :

  • Create versioned-data management systems

  • Automated rigging/skinning/simulations on digital characters

  • Setup ML based Facial Mocap systems

  • Enable access to large amounts of data, with utmost attention to ease of use when dealing with complex lighting and composting tasks


  1. Basic understanding of Python

Content URLs:

Our poster

  • Can be previewed here.
  • Shows the flow of how typical Visual Effect content creation happens and what broad stroke creative departments are involved.
  • We touch upon some of the technical solutions which are authored while we mention some of the core python packages used.

Making of videos

We wish to play few "making of" videos to the audience, so they can understand what goes on "behind the curtains" and see what areas use python. Some examples :

Speaker Info:

  1. Garvit Verma - Pipeline TD at Digital Domain India, who loves building VFX Pipelines
  2. Srikanth Sreeram - Artist turned into Python Programmer, part of the Pipeline TD team at Digital Domain India

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Section: Game Design and 3D Modelling
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Target Audience: Beginner
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