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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system is used to detect and identify buried objects under the ground. The obtained images or scans are masked by noise, cross talk from the antenna system, and are highly attenuated due to the losses inside the medium. gprMax is an open source software running on python. The gprMax can be used to simulate different GPR environment or scenarios, optimise placement of the transmitter and receiver antennas, selection of appropriate frequencies for different targets etc,

We used gprMax to simulate the working of GPR in different scenarios with buried targets like metallic pipes, water pipes, PVC cables etc. A GUI was developed to create an environment or model, to be used as input to gprMax. The developed model is validated using “ParaView”. The verified model is then simulated in gprMax to produce the A-scans and B-scans output which were then analysed.

Since the reflected signal of GPR is merged with noise and clutter, we further developed advanced radar signal processing tools like clutter reduction, component analysis, target identification, statistical modelling etc. All this tools were integrated to a desktop software using Tkinter package. All of this work is carried out only in Python 3.7

Outcome: Participants can gain knowledge about how Ground Penetrating Radar systems, simulation software gprMax, and different radar signal processing tools which can also be used in other areas of engineering.


  1. Python basics
  2. Knowledge of Tkinter , Image/Signal Processing is added advantage

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Ms.Lavanya Govindan: She is a Software developer and a Python enthusiast. She is interested in the field of Signal/Image Processing and ML projects. She is currently working in software developer for GPR system at Aavrtti Technologies, an IITM startup. She was formerly working as signal processing and ML for bio-signals such as ECG.

Ms.S.Sri priya Sadanala: She is currently working as Product designer at Aavrtti Technologies, an IITM startup .She has done her M-tech (Communication) from NIT Durgapur and is interested in radar signal processing, antenna designing and microwave.

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