Deploying and scaling python based application on Kubernetes cluster

Mamta Jha (~mamta)


These days most of the applications are following Microservices architecture and are deployed in containers. We write Dockerfile to automate the container image creation process and need management and orchestration tool to manage bunch of containers. Kubernetes is the tool which helps us attain the orchestration and management of containers in an automation fashion.

Kubernetes is know to be quite complex and has a steep learning curve. We will try and impart the knowledge to setup complex system in simpler manner and also help the participants learn the basics quickly in few hours with good hands-on exercises.

Poster Content:

  • Depict the journey of Containers from Dev to Production.
  • Emphasise on the need of Kubernetes to manage containers.
  • Show how DigitalOcean managed Kubernetes-as-a-service reduces our management overhead.
  • Deploy a sample python application (Flask) in kubernetes cluster.

Topics Covered:

  • Demo how to create automated images using dockerfile.
  • How to deploy Python application in Kubernetes environment.
  • Features provided kubernetes to manage and scale applications



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I am Mamta Jha. With 15 years of industry experience and in that 6 years in is Cloud and DevOps. I am presently working with DigitalOcean as a Senior Developer Advocate. I am going to be a presenter in Docker Meetup : and recently had delivered a full day Kubernetes workshop on behalf of Microsoft :

I my past company I have been a Corporate trainer and Red Hat Certified Instructor delivering AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker and various other DevOps technologies training and workshops.

I have strong technical hands on background in architecting and designing cloud, DevOps and Automation based solutions. My core competency is in architecting solutions around Kubernetes, DevOps, Data Science and ML services.

• Experienced in migrating, deploying and managing cluster of containers using various Orchestration tools. • Designed/Migrate large & complex applications for various clients. • Passionate about Automating Configuration Management with Ansible/Chef and setting up Kubernetes cluster either on on-Prem or cloud . • Experienced in architecting and implementing DevOps E2E solutions, implementing the complete CI/CD pipeline for clients and also implement DevOps in Cloud using various tools.

Certification: RHCE OpenStack, OpenShift, Chef, Docker, Ansible and Google Cloud.

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