A case study in python enabled instrumentation control and data visualization using Bokeh and Django framework

Vishnu Prasad (~vishnu11)



  1. This poster will highlight how bokeh and Django framework was used to automate data acquisition from a programmable instrument to perform several types of routine measurements that require sequential processing of certain tasks, take a measurements, and repeat that cycle for other measurements.

  2. The Bokeh visualization tool in Python allows for quick and easy adaptation to various measurement tools

  3. Django web framework built entirely using Python was used to build and deploy the application taking advantage of the syntax rules of python .

  4. The combined usage of bokeh and Django resulted in the the desired interactivity that we envisioned for the user .


  1. Basic knowledge of python, bokeh , django framework and microcontrollers
  2. Understanding of optical systems and spectroscopy

Content URLs:

  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f8XVQdoa1Xl3e80FQFEm9kauKMUCUI5o/view?usp=sharing
  2. https://github.com/vishnuiot/Bokeh-Django-based-Instrumetation-control.git

Speaker Info:

  1. Dr Vishnu Prasad VJ is a senior technical architect at Bosch group - specializes in rapid prototyping & instrumentation.
  2. Dr Sieglinde M.- L. Pfaendler works as innovation manager at Bosch Group - physicist with experience in quantum sensing technologies and scientific data analysis techniques.

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Section: Embedded Python and IOT
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