KDE community showcase

Piyush Aggarwal (~brute4s99)


KDE is a worldwide community of contributors and users from all walks of life, committed to bringing Free software to as many platforms and devices as possible. Every day, hundreds of artists, writers, translators, teachers, designers, bug testers, developers, and students contribute to KDE software using their unique, diverse skills. The community strives to create high-quality, inclusive, usable, and reliable software that respects your freedom and protects your privacy. To achieve this, community members collaborate online and in person, meeting each other during developer sprints, conferences, and other community gatherings. They share ideas, mentor each other, and bring new members to the community, all while having fun and learning together. The KDE community is focused on giving everyone an equal opportunity to become a part of the Free and open source world.

With this poster presentation I would like to showcase many KDE software projects such as:-

  • Plasma Desktop Environment - fast, customizable, and featureful Free and Open Source desktop environment for multiple platforms
  • Plasma Mobile - full-fledged, open and privacy-focused software interface for mobile devices
  • KDE Connect - seamless connection of your devices
  • Krita - a full-featured digital art studio.

and much more, including

  • demonstration of various customization features of KDE Plasma
  • hands on a Nexus 5X device running Plasma Mobile
  • demonstrations and hands on various cool features of KDE Connect
  • hands on Krita with a digital painting tablet for attendees to exercise their creativity.


  • basic C++ knowledge
  • a laptop to install KDE Plasma
  • curious questions for KDE community!

Speaker Info:

public speaker | developer at KDE Connect | free software proponent

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