Solving Industrial Problems with Machine Learning and image Processing



To know the Real Condition of Pipelines for Oil and Gas Pipelines is a resource intensive task. People have been doing Inspection for decades, All using NDT techniques for leakage and pilferage detection. But thanks to the huge advancements in computer vision and machine learning techniques the hundred percent safety of such industries is no more a pipe dream. When we talk about AI in industries it has been really misused as human replacing tool, but artificial intelligence is a tool for replacing zero failure and not zero employees.

So here is a a way of estimating Corrosion and including it with some weight in the failure prediction for a better understanding of the pipeline model. we have used techniques called GLCM and svm in this for understanding the data points of an image and its gradient with Entropy.

Outline of the Proposed talk:

Introduction Problem statement in the industry
Quick Introduction to Linear Regression and Logistic regression with one example each.
Understanding Support Vector Machines
Grey level Co occurrence matrix and its properties for image processing on corroded image
Extracting data from images using Scikit-Image, Image processing library
Application of SVM Algorithm using Sklearn on dataset collected
Visualizing data set for every example using matplotlib
application of SVM on non linear data set.
Other examples of machine learning on industry.

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My Github account: The readme is very well Explained for the solution, Please Go through the Github text to understand it very well...

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I am currently working as a Lead Software Engineer in IIT Madras incubated company. We work on data analysis of pipeline inspection and getting the customer know about huge risk or potential failure.

I also have one year of experience on working for autonomous vehicle, designing Control system and computer vision.

And was also appointed as a visiting faculty for Robotics and computer vision in PES University Bangalore.

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