Enterprise Applications of Pythonic Microservices

Sameer Kulkarni (~sameer52)


We are a team from Visible Alpha, a Fin-Tech product company from Mumbai.

Visible Alpha houses a variety of financial services like Resource Tracking, Broker Vote & Insights.

These behemoths of a product are run by multiple back-ends which are interlinked by different technologies like in-house APIs, Google Pubsub, REDIS clusters, RabbitMQ & Celery to name a few.

Each product is completely abstracted from the rest of the ecosystem as they serve a different set of clients and use-cases.

We strive to maintain the flow of data between multiple components by making sure the data pipeline is fast as well as reliable.

Keeping the above mission in mind, Python is at the heart of our technology stack.

It caters to our fast growing business solutions needs without compromising on efficiency.

We are attempting to explain 2 of our systems viz. Entitlements & Research through the poster presentation.

These 2 systems employ numerous python micro-services which work synchronously with the other technologies as mentioned above.


Basic python and programming skills

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