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As we all know, PyData needs no introduction!! For those who are unaware, briefly stating, PyData ( is an educational program of NumFocus ( enriching the open data ecosystem through its non-profit community initiatives. Each of the community meetups focuses around promoting best practices, effective methodologies around data science and analytics and how can existing open data as well as open data tools and technologies be leveraged to obtain optimum insights.

PyData as a community, promotes applying data science techniques in various languages such as Python, R, Julia (including, but not limited to).

We at PyData Mumbai are extremely fortunate to be a part of such educational initiative enhancing open data ecosystem and mindset across Mumbai (still being the financial hub of India)

Through this poster presentation, we would like to present our journey so far and would like to receive suggestions from other open source communities towards growing the same.

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Sukanya is the founder and organizer of PyData Mumbai where she regularly hosts core data science as well as applied data science meetups. Prefessionally, she works in data science with Capgemini. She is an avid techie with strong love and passion for all things data science and loves to share knowledge on the same.

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