Kaniyam Foundation for Tamil Computing

Shrinivasan T (~shrinivasan)


Kaniyam Foundation has the vision to create an environment where all virtual resources, tools, and knowledge related to Tamil Language and ethnic groups, are accessible free and open to all.

We work on publishing Free Ebooks in Tamil with Creative Commons license, creating text and video tutorials in Tamil for free software technologies. We create Free/Open software required for Tamil Computing.

We will explain our works, how python is helping for Tamil computing and how anyone can contribute to Tamil using technologies.

Speaker Info:

Nithya Duraisamy is one of the Founders of Kaniyam Foundation. She writes about various technologies in Tamil at Kaniyam.com. She creates video tutorials in Tamil on the technologies she writes.

Her recent books on BigData and Machine Learning are received well by the Tamil tech community.

She is working at TCS and in the process of the next book "Deep Learning in Tamil".

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