Deploying Serverless Application(Image Resizer) on AWS using Chalice Framework

Suman Debnath (~suman-d)


In this session, we will deploy a serverless application, wherein we will create a small application using Chalice Framework. The application will basically convert any image to thumbnail or to any other formate w.r.t the formate the image is uploaded.

Flow of the application:

  1. User upload an image in a S3 bucket
  2. The above will trigger an event for our serverless application to kickoff
  3. The application will convert the uploaded image into the respective desire format(like thumbnail)
  4. Once the conversion of the image is over, it will again upload the image of this new format to another S3 bucket

Topics to be covered:

  1. Basics of Serverless Computing
  2. Basics of Serverless Architecture
  3. Introduction to AWS Lambda and Chalice Framework
  4. Demo of the Application(Image Resizer)


Basic Python Understanding of Cloud Computing Basic understanding of Serverless Architecture(not required)

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Speaker Info:

Suman Debnath is a Principal Developer Evangelist @ Amazon Web Services. He has 12 years of experience on Storage and System Performance Measurement wherein he had been working on Storage and Networking technologies. He is a frequent speaker at various national and international conferences, like GHCI, SNIA DSI and PyCon. and loves to host tech talks on various areas, like Cloud Computing, Storage, FC Protocol, Virtualization, Docker, Python, etc. He has previously worked for Toshiba, NetApp, EMC and IBM. He is an SME for SNIA(Storage Networking Industry Association) and CompTIA, wherein, I am an active member responsible for designing and developing Storage+ certification questionnaire annually.

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