Python snakes its way to Microcontrollers - CircuitPython "PROGRAMMED POSTER"

Ayan Pahwa (~iayanpahwa)


CircuitPython is Adafruit's fork of MicroPython , an open source project allowing you to run Python 3 on microcontrollers, which is the most easiest way to get started programming these small devices which runs on few KBs of RAM and few MBs of code space.

It is as easy as dragging and dropping a firmware file(.uf2) to the drive enumerated when you connect a compatible board to your PC so no drivers or IDE setup required, just use your favorite editor, code, press save and see it running live on your device without cross compiling, uploading and re-flashing making it most suitable platform for beginners.

With this poster presentation I would like to showcase many of my projects based on CircuitPython such as

  • MIDI controller
  • IoT Weather Station
  • Iron Man Arc Reactor
  • Banana Piano

and much more , plus the best part would be the poster is the project in itself, see it in action having lots of animated LEDs and displays embedded in the POSTER itself, yes you heard it right. :D

I will also be bringing many extra boards ( thanks adafruit ) so attendees can try their hands-on with CircuitPython live using Circuit Playground Express Board either on booth or open spaces, and Blinka (CircuitPython mascot) tattoo and sticker as well :)

Overall the CircuitPython project is more about the welcoming and friendly community which the poster would be obviously reflecting:

Code + Community = CircuitPython <3 !


  • Basic Python Programming Language
  • Maker's Attitude

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  1. Ayan Pahwa: Embedded Software Engineer, FPV Drone Racing Pilot and a passionate Maker / Tech content creator.
  2. Aakanksha Agrawal: Students BSc Computer Science, Ashoka University

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  • Raspberry Pi Jam 2018
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  • CircuitPython Day 2019

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