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Welcoming Media Partners!

Published / 24 Aug 2014

PyCon India 2014 is happening in a month. As you already know, it is that one time of the year where all the Python enthusiasts come together to share ideas, make relationships, and collectively take the community up to the next level. A lot, and we can't stress this enough, really a lot of stories, hacks, ideas and special moments happen at the conference.

We don't want any of these to be lost. Having them recorded, written down and documented will inspire people in the coming years and also help us to cherish those moments in the future.

Hence, in order for that to happen, we are putting out a call for Media Partners.

Do you have an organization who loves covering tech events? Be it a magazine, a video cast, or a well known online blog? Then we are looking for you.

You are hereby welcome to the conference. However, if you wish to be officially recognized as media partners, please make sure you let us know before hand by dropping a mail to

Your team will get two free media passes to enter the conference and conjure up one of the best stories ever told about PyCon India!

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