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Python Month is back as Python Express!

Published / 16 Aug 2014

Last year, we celebrated the month before PyCon India as Python Month. It was a huge success with over a 100 institutions organizing Python workshops across different parts of the country.

This year, Python Month is back in all its glory, but with a new face and a new plan. Python Month is now Python Express! There were two main motivations behind this idea.

One is the tremendous response that we got last year both in terms of trainers willing to teach, as well as colleges and institutions willing to organize workshops. Both these factors made us think, "Why stop with just one month?". Hence, Python Express is going to be an ongoing effort.

The second motivation was the lessons learned from organizing such an initiative without the proper use of technology. A lot of time was spent in match making and house keeping the records related to all the workshops. After having understood what would save everyone's time when automated, we've built this brand new website for Python Express!

Checkout the Python Express website.

What should you do?

If you are a Python practitioner and interested in teaching, sign up as a trainer on the Python Express website and check the list of colleges that are willing to organize workshops. If you find any of them to be suitable for you to go and teach at, Express Interest in that particular college. Once you are accepted, you will be notified and things can be taken forward from there.

Sign up as a trainer now.

If you are interested in organizing a Python workshop, sign up as an organization/institution on the Python Express website. The trainers who have already signed up will be able to see your institution and Express Interest to visit and teach there if they're interested. Once that happens, you will be able to accept them and take it forward.

Register an organization now.

Spread the word and let us spread the love of Python far and wide.

Follow Python Express on Twitter for all the updates.

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