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Open Spaces

Published / Thu Sep 11 16:18:00 -0400 2014

PyCon has always been more than just a conference. It has been a place where people who have similar interests find each other and have great conversations.

Deadline for ticket cancellations

Published / Mon Sep 08 13:00:40 -0400 2014

With the event drawing closer, some of you folks might have one or the other engagement unexpectedly popping up, putting your presence at PyCon India 2014 at jeopardy. As much as it breaks our heart to see you go, we understand the situation and are willing to accept a cancellation or transfer.

Welcoming Media Partners!

Published / Sun Aug 24 14:27:53 -0400 2014

PyCon India 2014 is happening in a month. As you already know, it is that one time of the year where all the Python enthusiasts come together to share ideas, make relationships, and collectively take the community up to the next level. A lot, and we can't stress this enough, really a lot of stories, hacks, ideas and special moments happen at the conference.

Python Month is back as Python Express!

Published / Sat Aug 16 07:23:20 -0400 2014

Last year, we celebrated the month before PyCon India as Python Month. It was a huge success with over a 100 institutions organizing Python workshops across different parts of the country.

The Conference Schedule is Up!

Published / Tue Aug 12 07:42:08 -0400 2014

With just one more month to go for PyCon India 2014, we have shifted gears and switched to hyperdrive. The first-cut of the conference schedule is up! After the long list of proposals being submitted, the community voting and the review process plus confirmation, finally we have everything sorted out and ready to go.

More affordable accommodation options

Published / Sat Aug 09 18:45:47 -0400 2014

One of the main pain points for outstation participants to attend any event is getting good and affordable accommodation. This year, we have given this matter due consideration. Apart from getting on the road and figuring out hotels nearby the venue and putting them up on the website, we have some more good news to share.

Sponsorship deadline approaching

Published / Sat Aug 02 14:42:36 -0400 2014

Being a community run event, sponsors are the ones who make PyCon India a reality. The support shown by many organizations over the past years and even this year is heart warming, and much appreciated by the entire Python community, in India and abroad. Apart from letting the world know your generosity by supporting the conference, by sponsoring, the benefits go a long way than just the love of the community.

Call for Voting

Published / Thu Jun 12 16:50:11 -0400 2014

It is that time of the year once again when the entire Python community comes together to make sure PyCon India gets better and better. We have already announced the number of proposals and various demographics related to it.

PyCon India Code of Conduct

Published / Wed Jun 11 05:47:04 -0400 2014

PyCon India is a community organized conference intended for advocating the use and adoption of the Python programming language in India. It is also a platform for fostering networking and collaboration among the Python developer community in India.

The Proposal Review Process

Published / Sun Jun 08 11:38:50 -0400 2014

This year, with a whooping 143 proposals, the review process will be all the more interesting. Once again a big shout out to all the Python enthusiasts out there who took the time to propose, vote and hold discussions on the Funnel.

143 proposals we got

Published / Sun Jun 01 10:39:28 -0400 2014

May 30 was the last day for call for proposals. We received 143 proposals! Last year we received 98 proposals. Following are few demographics of proposals

Final day for call for proposal

Published / Fri May 30 07:23:17 -0400 2014

Today is the last day for [call for proposal][1]. There are already a large number of proposals received, we would like to attract a few more fantastic session ideas. You can propose a [talk][1] in any one of the following topics Core Python, Embedded Python, Infrastructure, Web Development etc.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Published / Thu May 29 20:26:37 -0400 2014

Q. Is it possible to cancel my tickets?
A. Yes. All you need to do is send an email to with the Order No. you received and the name of the attendee. But do you really want to cancel your tickets? PyCon India happens once a year and we are eager to meet you and share ideas and collaborate.

Registrations are open!

Published / Tue May 13 20:44:34 -0400 2014

PyCon India 2014 is excited to announce that it’s registrations are now open! At the moment, there are two types of tickets available, Early Bird and Student.

Call for Volunteers

Published / Tue May 13 14:28:44 -0400 2014

Good News! Our event registration [is now open][1]! About 4 months left for the event. This is the time we start preparing for the event and we can't do that without volunteers.