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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Published / 29 May 2014

Q. Is it possible to cancel my tickets?
A. Yes. All you need to do is send an email to with the Order No. you received and the name of the attendee. But do you really want to cancel your tickets? PyCon India happens once a year and we are eager to meet you and share ideas and collaborate.

Q. Do I need to register for Tutorials/Workshops separately?
A. Yes. Registration for the workshops will start soon.

Q. I did not register for the Tutorials/Workshops when I bought the ticket. How do I add Tutorial option to my ticket now?
A. Tutorial/Workshops ticket will be open by August 5th. You need to buy ticket at that time. We have limited per workshop 20 ticket so you need to book your tickets soon.

Q. Can I register directly at the venue?
A. The venue has a constraint in the total number of attendees. If tickets are available after online ticket sales have closed, they will be made available at-the-venue/on-spot. Availability of the on-spot registration option will be announced 1 business day after close of online ticket sales.

Q. I see registrations are closed. I have not registered. Can I still attend PyCon India?
A. Yes, you can. For details check above question.

Q. Is there a prescribed format for the talk slides? For example, can I upload the slides in PDF?
A. There is no suggested format for talk slides. You can upload in your favorite format whichever it is. It would be useful however if you stick to commonly used formats such as doc[MS Word], odf[Open Document Format], PDF etc.

Q. Is there any "official" presentation template for PyCon India?
A. We don't prescribe any template. You are free to use any kind of presentation template for your slides.

Q. Can I present a different set of slides than the one I uploaded to the site? Should the one I present be exactly the same as the one uploaded?
A. It would be good if the presentation you upload is the same as the one you present. However, if you need to make any small changes, it is okay as long as you make sure that the slides are not substantially different. Also it would be nice if you could sync the slide set to the site before you deliver your talk. If there is a substantial difference between the two sets of slides, kindly inform the audience in advance.

Q. How to upload presentations to the site?
A. We don't have support for presentation uploads yet. You can upload your presentation to a public site such as slideshare or google docs and copy/paste the URL into your talk's description

Q. Where or How do i save the link to the external presentation site?
A. Postfix/Edit to the full URL of your talk after logging in to the site with the same userid that you used for submitting the talk. You should get a form with the required fields. Enter the required information and save.

Q. I couldn't upload my slides for my talk to the site and need more time to do so. Does this affect the status of my talk?
A. The last dates for slides upload is more of a guideline than a strict deadline. It is advisable to keep it. Your talk status doesn't change even if you are unable to upload the slides before the deadline due to some reason. We however request you to try and upload the slides before the conference.

Q. Do I need to inform the audience of any prior setup or can it be done during the talk or tutorial?
A. For tutorials, we suggest that you edit your talk description and add the steps required for the tutorial attendees to prepare their computers before they come to the session. This would ensure that you don't waste precious time in setting up requirements during the session.

Q. Do you have Laptop charging sockets in the room for all? My laptop doesn't give more than an hour of backup.
A. We will have limited laptop charging points in the rooms. But we will try to provide few tables with lots of charging points somewhere at the venue.

Q. Is there an arrangement made for the Tutorial/Workshops and Conference videos Record/Live Streaming?
A. We are video recording all the tutorials and talks. We will not be live streaming them. However, we will upload the videos within a week's time.

Q. Is it possible to watch the videos live?
A. Live watching will not be possible. However, we will upload the videos within a week's time. So, you can see it later at your convenience and as many times you wish. :)

Q. Do you provide accommodation for participants from other cities?
A. No. But we can assist you in finding the accommodation near the Venue. Check the answer to the question below for list of hotels

Q. Do you have a list of hotels where I can stay?
A. You can find some suggested hotels on the venue page.

Q. What is the Food arrangement during the conference?
A. We will be providing Lunch and Snacks during the 3 days of the conference. Snacks will include Tea/Coffee as well.

Q. What to expect of the climate in Bangalore? What clothings should I bring?
A. The weather in Bangalore is quite pleasant during the months August-September, with temperature in the range of 18-25 degree celsius. Though you can manage without any warm clothing, if you are sensitive to cold weather pack jacket or a sweater. Also during these months it usually rains so you can choose to carry an umbrella as well.

Q. Will you provide any writing pads, pens, etc or do we need to bring them?
A. The swag bag given for participants will include a writing pad, and pens. You are also welcome to bring your own if you want to.

Q. Will I need to bring Laptop to attend tutorials?
A. Most of the tutorials require that you write some demo code or run some application in a computer, so we advise you to bring your laptops. Any software setup required for a tutorial would be updated on the tutorial description a few days before the conference, so please install the required dependencies at your home, before you come to the conference. We suggest you don't wait to do this at the conference venue to save on time and reduce bandwidth rush.

Q. My query has been answered, but I still have some doubts. Whom shall I contact?
A. Please send an email to

Q. My query/question is not listed here. Whom shall I contact?
A. Please send an email to We will try to answer the query as soon as possible.

Q. Will the Internet and WiFi setup be good enough for the large crowd? Is it advisable to get datacards?
A. We try really hard to arrange a good Internet connection at the venue. Most of the times it’s adequate. But the unpredictable amount of usage during the event sometimes causes some problem. So it’s fine if you don’t carry a data card, but there is no harm being prepared for the worst.

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