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More affordable accommodation options

Published / 09 Aug 2014

One of the main pain points for outstation participants to attend any event is getting good and affordable accommodation. This year, we have given this matter due consideration. Apart from getting on the road and figuring out hotels nearby the venue and putting them up on the website, we have some more good news to share.

PyCon India 2014 has partnered with Airbnb to help you find more affordable accommodation around Bangalore!

Check the PyCon India Airbnb page for mode details.

What does this mean? The following:

  1. All The PyCon attendees can get a ₹1500 discount when attending the event. Book using coupon code "PYCON".

  2. Coupon entitles you to a ₹1500 discount for a single booking, which must be completed (including host acceptance) using the promo code before 11.59pm Indian Standard time on September 28th, 2014.

  3. Valid only for registered Airbnb users in India

Also, if you are from Bangalore and would love to host people at your place, go ahead and list your space on the page. Make new friends and in the process, it wouldn't hurt to make a few bucks now, would it?

Get your tickets and book your accommodation right away!

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