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The Conference Schedule is Up!

Published / 12 Aug 2014

With just one more month to go for PyCon India 2014, we have shifted gears and switched to hyperdrive. The first-cut of the conference schedule is up! After the long list of proposals being submitted, the community voting and the review process plus confirmation, finally we have everything sorted out and ready to go.

Checkout the conference schedule here.

With 3 Keynotes, 22 Talks, 9 Workshops along with open spaces, lightning talks and panel discussions, this year's PyCon India will be filled with three days of fun, geeking out with your fellow Pythonistas, brainstorming on ideas, and altogether having a great time!

So no more procrastination. For those of you who were waiting to see the conference schedule to plan your trip, this is it. For the rest of you who are still thinking about attending the conference, you might want to grab your tickets soon lest they should get sold out.

Book your tickets, book your accommodation and plan your trip right now! The last weekend of September is going to be epic.

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