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Keynote Speakers

Kushal Das

CPython Core Developer and A Director of PSF

Kushal Das is a CPython Core developer and a Director at the Python Software foundation. He has been a mentor and an Ambassador at The Fedora Project. Along side his contributions to CPython, Kushal has also been contributing to a wide variety of upstream projects. He started Linux Users Group of Durgapur and wrote a book titled "Python for you and me". Kushal has been coordinating the DGPLUG summer training program for many years to help new participants take their first steps in contributing to Free and Open Source Software. He is currently working as Community Gardener at Eucalyptus Systems.

Michael Foord

CPython and IronPython Developer

Michael Foord maintains the unittest module in the standard library as well as other libraries such as the mock. Mock was a widely used third party library before being introduced as a standard library in Python 3.3.. He is a core committer to the Python project. He was involved with the IronPython project and is the author of the book "Iron Python in action". At Canonical he works on Juju, a tool to automate cloud infrastructure.