Thank You

The Reviewers

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the following ladies and gentlemen who participated in the review panel at PyCon India 2019. The talk selection process would not have been possible without their effort and expertise. The review panel comprised of a few more people, who have chosen to stay anonymous. Many thanks to them too.


Co-Founder at Came to Python for ReporLab. Stayed for Django.

Abhiram R

I’m an ML engineer at Scribble Data. When I’m not learning about things I can do with data and Python, I’m reading fantasy fiction novels or thinking of puns to make. I run a book club called Broke Bibliophiles Bangalore ( and the local Python chapter - Bangpypers. This was the first time we ran a Pycon India specific meetup at Bangpypers that was very well received and we plan to continue it for next year as well. Cheers!

Aroma Rodrigues

Aroma is a graduate fresh out of the National Institute of Technology, Warangal. As a techno-activist she has been a part of many projects that promote diversity and inclusion. She believes that Automation is the path to Inclusion. In 2018, she spoke at PyCon Hyderabad. She reads, writes and enjoys walking to explore places. An ML enthusiast she has about 20+ Coursera Certifications with the respective project work to support her learning in that field. Python is one of her favorite languages and hackathons her favorite party.

Gaurav G. Punjabi

Gaurav G. Punjabi is the co-founder of Coffee, a web and app development startup based out of Chennai. He mainly develops apps for the both platforms and has recently worked quite a bit in NLP for his projects. He is also part of Coffee Workshops, where he has organized workshops for Android development. Currently, apart from his work, you will find him tinkering with NLP in his personal project, Nebula.

Gautam Ramachandra

I am the CTO of, we empower businesses with AI and we have been doing it for a long time for some of the biggest companies. My passion is to do research in AI, bring the research to production and make impact on real world.

Joy Bhattacherjee

Confuzzled demi-geek wiggling devops wand. Current Devops Lead at DigitalAPICraft. Ex DevOps for Razorpay, ZoomCar and Hotstar.

K. Shivaramakrishnan

I’m a data science researcher & nlp consultant at CCBR & HTIC, IIT madras. As a CTO & co.founder at Cephei, IIT madras, We develop state-of-the-art language processing platform services providing various solutions to Medical applications. As a freelancing consultant, I’m open to my contemporaries from multi-disciplinary backgrounds for ideas and solutions and in my free time I permaculture my garden.

Kiran Gangadharan

Kiran is a Software Engineer at nilenso. Apart from building systems, he loves reading books and playing Go.

Leena S N

Co-founder/CTO/Programmer @ Good Karma, Bangalore.
A pragmatic & passionate programmer, lean thinker, eXtreme Programming evangelist, hooked into Continuous Delivery. A mother of two lovely angels.
Speaks @ conferences (both India and abroad) also helps various conferences mainly for their programs and reviews.

Magesh Dhasayyan

I enjoy writing code to solve problems.

Niharika Krishnan

Niharika Krishnan is a Machine Learning Engineer at TCS where she builds ML & NLP solutions for Walmart, US. With a passion for AI and when not at work, she focuses on projects in the healthcare space. She believes in leveraging technology to help people lead better lives. She has been contributing to the women in tech community as a Mentor for Python at Learn IT Girl and speaker at Google Women Techmakers & Global Diversity CFP meetups in Chennai. With her love for python and a will to encourage young women into tech, she took up the initiative of a PyLadies Chapter in Chennai.

Poruri Sai Rahul

Scientific Software Developer with a background in Physics.

Pranshu Bhatnagar

Pranshu Bhatnagar is a “full-stack” Data Scientist and a heavy Python user. He is one of the authors of “Data Science for Marketing Analytics”. Before doing a fellowship in Machine Learning, he studied Mathematics and Computer Science from Chennai Mathematical Institute.
Twitter, LinkedIn

Rajkumar R

“Rajkumar founded Rignova, a cloud application company, in 2014, to cater the needs of manufacturing industry. He is a Production Engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology, Trichy. He worked for Tata Motors, Pune before creating Rignova. He is a self-taught programmer. His interest in Operations Research led to implementation and creation of many optimization algorithms. He loves Python and the Python Community. He has 10+ years of experience in Python programming. He also teaches python to students in schools and colleges through his workshops.”

RS Nikhil Krishna

Nikhil currently leads the AI team at Detect Technologies where we work on applying Artificial Intelligence in the Industrial Inspection and Asset Management space to improve productivity and safety, primarily through Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Shagun Sodhani

Shagun is a graduate student at Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, supervised by Dr. Yoshua Bengio and Dr. Jian Tang. His research focuses on lifelong reinforcement learning - training AI systems that can interact with and learn from the physical world (reinforcement learning) and consistently improve as they do so without forgetting the previous knowledge (lifelong learning). He graduated in Computer Science from IIT Roorkee in 2015 and worked as a Machine Learning developer with the Machine Learning team at Adobe Systems for 2 years.

Sharmila Gopirajan

A decade of Python and counting. Worked on a spectrum of projects ranging from data extraction,indexing, exploration and NLP to full stack web development (and yes, that means a dose of JS, sometimes Golang). Long-term stock investor. Currently bootstrapping

Shubham Mittal

Shubham is director at RedHunt Labs with 8+ years of experience in offensive / defensive security and Open Source Intelligence. He is author of DataSploit - an OSINT framework and runs ReconVillage at @defcon. He is review board member at BlackHat Asia, Insec-World Hongkong and RootConf(security) track. He works from the command line, uses vi and loves beer.

Soham Chatterjee

Soham Chatterjee is currently a Graduate Research student at Nanyang Technological University where he is working on Neuromorphic Hardware and Deep Learning. He is also a part of Saama Technologies’s AI R&D Research Lab. His main areas of interest/research are Deep Learning, IoT and Quantum Computing. Apart from that, he loves working on open-source projects and is an Intel Software Innovator.
LinkedIn, Twitter, Website

Soumendra Kumar Sahoo

“Soumendra, a self-learned Python developer has been programming for 11+ years, with 7+ years of professional experience across multiple MNCs. He has been exceptional in the reviewing process and has reviewed 50+ Talk proposals (highest) across six categories. He is an Open source enthusiast and contributes to many projects like Mozilla, Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo, etc. Thank You.”

Vaidheeswaran Archana

Vaidheeswaran Archana is a graduate student at the National University of Singapore, working under Professor Dipti Srinivasan. She is also the co-founder of Next Tech Lab at SRM Institute of Science and Technology and is the head for the Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Chennai Chapter. Her achievements include winning the Smart India Hackathon 2017 as the first prize under the Ministry of Steel for using machine learning to detect power theft in India. Archana was also invited to the WiPDA conference in Xi’an China for presenting my work in GaN modeling of devices using machine learning, a collaboration with the University of Cambridge. She has around 3 IEEE Xplore Papers (1), (2), and 1 Elsevier papers for her contribution to the Electrical and Machine learning fields. She is part of the AI research lab at Saama Technologies She is also an Intel software innovator. Her interests lie in machine learning, IoT and quantum computing.
LinkedIn, Twitter, Website

Note: This is the list of CFP reviewers for PyCon India 2019. There were several other people who contributed as volunteers, even with the CFP.