Open Spaces

What is an Open Space?

While there are the regular talk tracks, where the majority of the participants will be present, there is always a need for breakout discussions, impromptu talks, BoF sessions, etc.

In view of this, PyCon India has always provided an open space for this purpose. This year will be having 4 rooms dedicated for open spaces, each with the following capacity.

These rooms will be equipped with projectors and whiteboards, to facilitate presentation and discussions.

Apart from these rooms, there will be tables and whiteboards provided along the lobbies for people to utilize for discussions.

How to register?

Registration for open spaces happens at the venue. But it would be good idea to submit your proposal earlier on, so that any special arrangements if required can be made before hand.

Here are some guidelines:

There is no screening process, for open spaces. Open space slots are provided on an FCFS basis.