PyCon India is a place for developers from across the country (and beyond) to get together and celebrate Python. But what good is a PyCon without getting your hands dirty writing some code? Hence, for all Open Source enthusiasts out there, the PyCon India team is happy to announce Devsprints @ PyCon India 2019.

Devsprints happen during the third and fourth day (14th and 15th October). During Devsprints, mentors/contributors of OSS projects guide participants through the end-to-end process of OSS contribution, right from setting up build environments, to developing and testing code, to submitting patches for bugs. If you are stuck, mentors are all available to help you figure out issues and get you back up and running! From past experiences, we’ve seen a lot of people start off contributing to OSS through Devsprints and later go on to become regular contributors to various projects across the web.

If you are a contributor or have been involved in maintenance of any Open source project, please come forward and add a project. This project can be any interesting Open source project which is based on Python. Ideally, you should have a history with the project through previous code commits. Your responsibility will be to help your team set up their development environment, list out beginner friendly bugs, and guide them on any problems they face during the event.

Any maintainer is welcome to add a project. There will be no shortlisting of projects. We are using the CFP platform to make it easier to manage and keep the projects at one place.

Submit your proposal at