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India’s premiere conference on using and developing the Python programming language will be held in Chennai this year. PyCon India is the annual conference of the Python community in India, which brings together developers, experts, academics, scientists and enthusiasts from all over India and abroad. It is one of the largest Python conferences in Asia. Your sponsorship helps to spread the word about our wonderful Python language among people in India.

PyCon India 2019

Why Should You Sponsor?

Put Your Business in the Spotlight

Be a part of India’s Premiere conference on using and developing the Python Programming Language, increasing your brand exposure and elevating your business identity within the community. Stand out among the attendees by prominently displaying your products and marketing material.

Hiring and Business Opportunities

Get matched with those who could become potential clients or employees. The conference has a history of attracting smart folks and businesses from various backgrounds. Get connected, make your pitch and find the best programmers or clients to join your ranks!

Give Back to the Community

Establish your goodwill and show the community that you’re a reliable partner, willing to support the ecosystem. Sponsorship is a way of giving back to the community and thanking them for their support. Your sponsorship helps PyCon India remain affordable and accessible to the widest possible audience.

Low Cost Marketing

Instead of spending a fortune on traditional advertisements, take a look at our reasonably priced sponsorship slabs and pick one - letting you be discovered and known to the cream of the community at maybe half (or even less!) of your marketing budget.


Have something specific in mind? Please don’t hesitate to ask! We are more than happy to work with you and tailor the sponsorship benefits to suit your needs.

Startup Discount

To make PyCon India affordable to small businesses and startups, we provide a 50% discount for the Silver and Associate sponsorship slabs. This discount is applicable for organizations with less than 15 employees or less than 3 years in operation.

Audience profile

PyCon India is attended by a diverse mix of people across domains and expertise which includes and not limited to - Developers, technologists, programmers, educators, bloggers, authors, web developers, CTOs, managers, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and domain experts.

Sponsorship Packages

Package Price
Platinum ₹ 7,50,000 $ 12000
Gold ₹ 3,50,000 $ 5400
Silver (Startup Discount Available) ₹ 1,75,000 $ 2700
Associate (Startup Discount Available) ₹ 50,000 $ 800

The above mentioned sponsorship amount is exclusive of 18% GST.

Sponsorship Benefits

Benefit Platinum Gold Silver Associate
Free Passes 10 6 4 3
Speaker Dinner Passes 6 4 2 1
Logo on Website
Write-up on Website
Link on Website
Stall at Venue 4x3 m2 3x3 m2 3x2 m2
Logo on official banner
Logo on notebook given to participants
Ability to distribute goodies at the stall
Company’s brochure in welcome kit
Logo on goodie bag
Talk slot (25 min) at the conference
Lightning talk slot (5 min) at conference
Tutorial (1 hour) in Openspaces
Poster Presentation Slot

m2 refers to area of the stall in Square Metres.

Privacy Policy

Participant details will not be shared without their explicit permission. Participants are allowed to share their information with you at your stall. Give them a good reason to do so. Make a compelling pitch for yourself or offer goodies in exchange for contact information.