Speak, Share, Inspire: Join PyCon India 2024 as a Speaker

"I came for the language, but I stayed for the community."
- Brett Cannon

This quote by Brett Cannon captures the spirit of PyCon India, a place where the Python language brings us together, and the community makes us stay. As we gear up for PyCon India 2024, set to take place in Bengaluru from September 20-23, we invite Python enthusiasts of all skill levels to join us. Whether you're a seasoned developer, a newcomer to Python, or an active community builder, this conference is your stage to share, learn, and connect.

Why Speak at PyCon India?

Diverse Audience:

Your insights and experiences with Python will reach a broad and engaged audience, encompassing everyone from beginners to expert developers. PyCon India thrives on the diversity of its participants and their contributions.

Mentorship for New Speakers:

New to speaking at conferences? No problem! PyCon India offers a robust mentorship program to help you prepare. Experienced speakers from our community are here to guide you through crafting and delivering your talk or workshop, ensuring you feel ready and confident.

Opportunities to Contribute and Grow:

Speaking at PyCon India is more than just a presentation; it's an opportunity to contribute to the Python community's growth. You'll receive valuable feedback, inspire others, and network with Python experts, fostering innovation.

How to write Stellar Proposals?

Craft an informative and persuasive title that serves as an elevator pitch: Your title is your talk's elevator pitch, shaping the first impression for both the selection committee and the audience. It will be alongside numerous other proposals, influencing track selection on the conference day.

Provide detailed descriptions outlining the problem, solution, and audience takeaways: Ensure your detailed description addresses the problem, your approach to solving it, and the audience takeaway. Use it to showcase your expertise to the selection team. Consider adding an outline at the end, highlighting the topics and their duration.

Attach slides, if available: Adding more details to your proposal enhances clarity for the selection committee. Include slides, if available, even in skeleton form, to provide additional context.

Emphasize your expertise in the speaker bio, showcasing relevant experience: Leverage the speaker bio to showcase your qualifications and why you're suited to deliver the talk. It is completely okay if you are yet to gain speaking experience.

Include a two-minute casual video: Showcase your presentation style and link it to the proposal. This will strengthen your chances of selection.

Here are some tips to enhance the proposal and make it stand out:

  • Make your proposal unique by offering fresh insights, innovative solutions, and original perspectives. Avoid repeating previous ideas and plagiarism.
  • Tailor your content to diverse audience levels and interests.
  • Demonstrate your expertise in the topic with evidence of contributions to the Python community. Mention relevant publications, talks, or projects you would have worked on.
  • Proofread your proposal for errors and clarity before submission.
  • Ensure that your talk content does not appear promotional. Keep it neutral and objective, discussing both commercial and open-source projects. Cover alternative perspectives and consider all sides of the topic. Use neutral language and avoid bias.
  • Adhere to the conference's code of conduct.

Example proposals:

  1. Informative and persuasive titles
    Unlocking the Cosmos: Querying Space Observatories with Python
    AI Engineering in Python: System Design 101

  2. Providing detailed descriptions
    Revealing Uncommon Tricks: 25 Obscure Pandas & NumPy Hacks learnt over 5 years of being a Data Scientist
    The Why Conundrum - Practical causal inference and discovery with python

  3. Attaching slides/videos if available:
    Revealing Uncommon Tricks: 25 Obscure Pandas & NumPy Hacks learnt over 5 years of being a Data Scientist
    Taking a Multilingual Conversational Engine to Production: Theory to Reality
    AI Engineering in Python: System Design 101

  4. Emphasizing your expertise in the speaker bio section:
    Taking a Multilingual Conversational Engine to Production: Theory to Reality
    Amaze your friends by painting images on Google Sheets using Python

  5. Video showcasing presentation style and link to proposal:
    Securing your python applications and network using Zero Trust Security
    Accelerating testing cycles of embedded devices using Python

Other links:

If you need any help with submitting your proposal. Please register for the upcoming mentorship call here: https://bit.ly/mnts

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