Amaze your friends by painting images on Google Sheets using Python

Shashi Jeevan M. P. (~shashi3)




Have you ever wondered how you could paint images in a Google spreadsheet?

Can you paint existing images in the Google sheet with accurate colors?

Can you do this by simply running a command and painting ANY pictures?

Google spreadsheet is popular as a data storage tool. Many open-source libraries are available for manipulating the data in Google Spreadsheets. These include

  1. gsheets
  2. pygsheets
  3. gspread

But, these have limitations when using Google Spreadsheet as a canvas, which I will describe in the session.

I had to build a custom library on top of the Python library provided by Google.

In this session, I will describe how to use Python for

  1. Setting up Google Sheets as Canvas,
  2. Reading image data and
  3. Using raw Google Spread Sheets API to generate requests and update the sheet with Image pixel data.

I will share the learning from using Python DataClasses to reduce code complexity and handle large images.

This work can be extended further to generate custom graphics and render on Google Sheets.


Basic knowledge of

  1. Python language
  2. Google Sheets
  3. JSON

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Shashi Jeevan has over 25 years of experience in the software industry. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical). He is an Inventor of the US Patent (Number: 6,609,084, Issue Date: August 19, 2003). He is Vice President of Delivery and Deployment at Tekfriday Processing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Where he is responsible for DevOps, Cloud, and Security. He is the founder of the Hyderabad Software Architects meetup group. He likes to tinker with technology and share his learnings. He has experience in presenting in multiple technical talks with large audiences. He has been using Python for various projects for more than 15 years.

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