Securing your python applications and network using Zero Trust Security

Srijan R Shetty (~srijanshetty)




Securing applications is hard.

AWS Security Groups, Firewalls, iptables don't make it any easier.

It's common to hear terms like Zero Trust, Mesh VPNs, SD-WAN being thrown around in the context of modern DevOps but it's hard to keep upto speed with them or even start using them in the wild due to the lack of resources.

Fret not, in this talk we'll cover Zero Trust from first principles and go through examples of creating secure by default production environments using Fast API. We'll understand what the noise about mesh VPNs and why DevOps can't stop raving about them. In particular we would look at TailScale which is an excellent way to get started on the journey of secure, encrypted production environments with fine grained access controls.

Layout of the Talk - Initial Setup of TailScale (5 minutes) - Encrypted secure connections to redis from python (3 minutes) - ACLs & port mappings for your team (3 minutes) - Secure SSH over mesh VPNs (2 minutes) - Hosting Fast API securely with nginx, self hosted certificates (7 minutes) - Share local Fast API using TailScale funnel (5 minutes) - Securing connections to Postgres with pgproxy (Optional)


A basic understanding of python and know how of how to use a terminal to run commands.

Speaker Info:

Srijan R Shetty is currently the cofounder and CTO of Fuze and is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Computer Science Department.

Previously I co-founded Allround Club - an EdTech teaching kids extra curricular online which was backed Stellaris Venture Partners and Athera Venture Partners.

I spent half a decade in Goldman Sachs building a HFT dark pool and running liquidity provisioning strategies for automated trading. I also managed a Central Risk Book at Goldman Sachs, hedging Delta and FX Risk.

With more than 15 years of experience writing code, I've worked as a full stack developer writing low latency code in C++, building backends in Nodejs, doing research in Python, systems programming in Python, creating picture perfect frontends in React/Angular/HTML, and architecting DevOps in AWS, Digital Ocean and Azure.

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Section: Networking and Security
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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