The final schedule is out!

Bam! The final schedule is out.

It has been quite a ride this year with all the volunteers and talk selection committee working quite hard to adhere to the dates that we announced at the very beginning. We can proudly say that we haven't missed any deadlines and things are moving forward according to plan. As you might have guessed, yep, this has only one inevitable outcome. An awesome PyCon India!

Just a slight boast. Curious to know who these volunteers are? We're right here!

Apart from the full schedule, we have the Dev Sprint, Poster session and Open spaces at this year's PyCon.

Make sure you check them all out and submit a proposal if you have something in mind.

As a final note, we've hit 1100+ registration and will close ticketing soon. If you haven't bought your ticket yet, this second would be the right time to do it. So don't wait and grab your tickets now!

See you folks in 3 weeks!