Dev sprints - The Call For Proposals.

Just under 2 months to go for this year's PyCon India. As we had announced earlier, this year we are holding Dev Sprints as a part of the conference. A big thank you, to all of you for filling out the form.

In case you are confused or if we sound too pretentious, think of Dev sprint as having a good time, coding hands-on with your fellow Python programmers. The atmosphere will be that of an intense one, extremely focused on projects, with mentors hanging around to help you overcome any roadblock that you might face. The usual outcome of these intense sprints are patches, bug fixes and numerous upstream pull requests from almost all the participants.

Been dreaming about contributing to open source projects? Well, look no further because there won't be a better chance than this. The Sprint will be held on Oct 2nd from 9Am - 7.30 PM on the 1st floor of the conference venue. We will open participant registrations next month.

Meanwhile, we have opened the CFP for the dev sprints!

If you have a project which you can mentor for, then please add your project and its description in the proposal page linked to above. Projects can include any personal ones that contribute to the Python ecosystem or mainstream projects such as CPython, Django, Flask, Pandas, SymPy etc. Be sure to make one proposal per project and also one proposal per mentor as well.

Once we close the CFP, we will make a list of the accepted projects and the participants will be able to choose from them while they participate in the event.

Oh, and if you have not purchased your conference tickets already, get them soon!