Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

All announcements related to the conference are posted to the PyCon India mailing list. You can receive the updates by joining InPyCon mailing list.

You can also join our Zulip channel or follow us on social media. All our announcements are posted on our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages.

Q. I want to present a talk/workshop at the conference. What should I do?

You can submit your talk/workshop proposal on our CFP Page. The deadline for submitting CFP for this year’s conference has passed; please submit a talk next year.

Q. I want to volunteer for the conference. What should I do?

Check out our Volunteer Blog to know about the roles and responsibilities. You can also join our Zulip channel and ping the respective workgroup leads to get started with volunteering.

Q. How much time do I need to devote to the volunteering work if I choose to volunteer for PyCon India?

There isn’t any strict time requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the volunteers. We value all contributions, no matter how big or small it is. You can choose to volunteer on your own time and availability. But, ideally, one hour a day would be more than sufficient if you can keep up the commitment and do the work assigned to you.

Q. Do volunteers get a certificate?

No, Pycon India does not provide any certificate to volunteers. We all volunteer on our own volition to make the conference a great experience for us and everyone else who attends it.

Q. Do attendees get a certificate of participation?

No, PyCon India does not provide any certificates to the attendees/participants. The conference is a platform to share your experience, express your views, learn, and meet new people.

Ticketing FAQ

Q. I am a speaker/volunteer/panelist at the conference. Do I need to buy a ticket?

Yes. PyCon India is a conference built for the community, by the community. Everyone from the speakers to volunteers to even the organizers pays for their tickets to attend the conference. Nobody makes a dime during the whole event. All proceedings from the ticket sales go towards making the conference experience even better for everyone.

Here is a beautiful article by Jesse Noller about the same

Q. What does the Conference ticket (Sept 18th & 19th, 2021) include?

A full conference ticket includes access to all the fantastic keynotes, talks, and lightning talks that happens on the two days.

You will also get access to all the open space discussions and other sessions during the conference. The conference ticket holders will also be eligible to join the Devsprints.

Q. Is there a different ticket for Workshops?

Yes, a separate ticket would have to be purchased for each workshop. The details for the workshop tickets will be updated soon.

If you wish to attend both the conference and workshops, you can also get a combo ticket to access the entire event, including the conference, dev sprints, and workshops.

Q. Is there a different ticket for the Devsprints?

No, the conference ticket includes complete access to the dev sprints. The ticket holders do not have to pay anything extra. But, the attendees will be asked to register for the dev sprints as that would help the conference with logistics.

Q. I have bought the workshop ticket. Am I eligible to participate in DevSprints?

No, the workshop tickets only include access to the specific workshops. You would have to buy the conference tickets to get access to the dev sprints.

Q. My plan has changed, so I can’t attend the conference and/or workshops. Can I get a refund?

No, the conference tickets cannot be canceled, but instead can be transferred. You can check out the instructions on how to transfer your tickets below.

Q. Can I transfer my ticket(s) to someone else?

Yes, the conference tickets can be transferred to another person via Townscript. You can follow the following procedure to transfer your ticket(s) to someone else.

  • If you are already registered on Townscript:

    1. Click here to sign in to Townscript

    2. Enter the email ID with which you had booked your ticket. The email ID should be the same as registered on your Townscript account.

    3. Enter your password and login into your account.

    4. Click on ATTENDING EVENTS -> My Bookings on the drop-down button in the top right corner - profile photo.

    5. Click on the Edit Ticket or Transfer Ticket button below your purchased ticket to edit or transfer your ticket.

  • If you are not registered on Townscript :

    1. Click here to signup on Townscript

    2. Enter the email ID with which you booked your ticket.

    3. Enter a password. You will receive a verification email in your inbox.

    4. Click on the verification link received in your inbox for the email ID you provided.

    5. You will be automatically directed to your Townscript account page.

    6. Click on ATTENDING EVENTS -> My Bookings on the drop-down button in the top right corner - profile photo.

    7. Click on the Edit Ticket or Transfer Ticket button below your purchased ticket to edit or transfer your ticket.

Q. What does a contributor ticket mean?

PyCon India is a conference run with contributions from volunteers and supporters from the community. Hence, as organizers, we provide multiple avenues for people to contribute to the event. People can contribute their time by volunteering in various conference activities. People can also make a financial contribution by purchasing a contributor ticket.

Contributor tickets help us meet the expenses of running the conference and reduce our dependence on sponsors in the long run. People who purchase a contributor ticket will be credited in our blog towards the end of the conference.

Q. Is there a student discount?

No, there will be no student discount on the tickets. Due to the online nature of the conference this year, and to make it more inclusive and easily accessible, we have kept the ticket prices to a bare minimum this year. So, we will not be offering any discount for students on the tickets.

Q. Got any more questions or queries?

You can also Join our Zulip channel and ask your queries there.

Q. What should I be expecting from PyCon India 2021 online? How is it being organized?

The team comprises folks experienced in organizing multiple online conferences in the past, including last year’s PyCon India 2020. You can check out the talks for last year on Youtube or get a refresher of the event in the PyCon India 2020 program guide.