Announcing the release of PyCon India Program Guide!

We have finally released our Program Guide for the conference providing all the teasers, details, and everything that will help you at the conference. You can read it here!

What is the PyCon India Program Guide (PPG)?

The program guide for PyCon India 2020 will be a fun, infographic journey to help you as an attendee to navigate through the conference experience. We have provided useful insights about communication tools that we will be using throughout the conference. The conference will be happening on Hopin with the async communication on Zulip.

We have tried to link information about new tracks, social events, and exciting things that will be taking place this year. We talk about workshops, devsprints, job fair, the new .extend() track and so much more in detail.

This year with the conference being online, we are also detailing our Code of Conduct with a renewed focus of reporting incidents as they happen. All the information will be available in the PyCon India Program Guide that you all will be receiving with the welcome invite.

Why I should read it?

If this is your first time attending PyCon India, then we know its hard to get acquainted with the conference model we follow when its virtual. It's really simple if attending offline and hence we thought of creating this document. This documentation is the way forward in providing folks with the right context from the start to help them move in the right direction. We hope this helps and it helps you have a great PyCon India this year.

Credits and Inspiration

The PyCon India program guide has been inspired by the Europython 2020 Program Guide and we thank the Europython team for their support!

The content and design team has been working a lot on the program guide and put great effort into making this a reality. Please do pass on your feedback on how we can make it better for the next year!