Q. Where can I find updates related to PyCon India 2018?
  • All communications related to the conference happens on PyCon India mailing list. You can receive the updates by joining InPyCon mailing list or you can follow PyCon India on Twitter. We will make all our announcements on Twitter.
Q. What is the venue of PyCon India 2018?
  • - The venue of the Workshop and Conference (5th - 7th Oct, '18) is on Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), Kondapur, Izzathnagar, Kothaguda, Hyderabad
  • - The venue for Devsprints (8th - 9th Oct, '18) is Talent Sprint, PSR Prime Tower, Beside DLF Cyber City, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Q. I want to present a talk/workshop at the conference. What should I do?
  • Call for Proposals is now closed. We hope to see you next year at PyCon India 2019. Please follow PyCon India on Twitter for all the latest updates.
Q. How do I upload presentations to the site?
  • We don't support presentation uploads yet. Please upload your presentation to a public site such as SlideShare or Google Docs and use that link in your talk's description.
Q. I want to volunteer for the conference. What should I do?
Q. I am a speaker/volunteer at the conference. Do I need to buy a ticket?
  • Yes. At PyCon India, everybody buys tickets. Even the event organizers buy tickets. Your ticket helps keep the event affordable for all.
Q. Will the Internet and WiFi setup be good enough for a large crowd? Should I get a datacard?
  • We try really hard to arrange good Internet at the venue. Most of the times it is adequate. But the unpredictable amount of usage during the event sometimes causes some problems. So it is fine if you don’t carry a data card, but there is no harm in being prepared for the worst.
Q. What are the workshop, Developer Sprints and conference timings?
  • - Workshop day (Oct 5 2018): 08:00 AM - 06:30 PM.
  • - Conference days (Oct 6 and Oct 7, 2018): 08:00 AM - 5.30 PM.
  • - Developers Sprints days (Oct 8 and Oct 9, 2018): 08:00 AM - 06:30 PM.
  • For a detailed schedule, refer here.
Q. What all does the Conference ticket (Oct 6 and Oct 7, 2018) include?
  • - A full conference pass for two days that includes access to all keynotes, talks, sessions and much more.
  • - Lunch and High-Tea
  • - PyCon India T-shirt and goodies which will be distributed on Oct 6, 2018.
Q. My talk is not selected for conference, can I opt for OpenSpace?
  • Yes. You can submit an OpenSpace proposal once we start accepting the same. Early proposals can be accepted at cfp@in.pycon.org
Q. What is the screening process of OpenSpace talk?
  • There is no screening process. We are trying to be better organized upfront by knowing the number of OpenSpace talks. This will help the organizing team plan to get all logistics required. Check the OpenSpaces page under events for more information.
Q. Where can I stay while in Hyderabad for the conference?
  • We have tied up with OYO Rooms to provide hotels at affordable rates. Please check this blog post for more information.
Q. Where can I buy tickets for PyCon India 2018?
  • You can buy tickets at this link.
Q. What is the pricing of PyCon India 2018 tickets?
  • Find the pricing at this link.
Q. Is there a different ticket for Workshop?
  • Yes. Workshop tickets are separate from conference tickets. Get them at this link.
Q. There is a change in my plan so I can't attend the Conference. Can I get a refund?
  • You can Transfer your tickets. Transfer can be done until Sept 30, 2018. To Transfer/Cancel your tickets write an email to tickets@hydpy.org.
Q. Is accomodation included in the ticket?
  • No, it doesn't include accomodation. The ticket covers an all access pass to the conference/workshop including lunch, snacks, T-shirt and goodies.
Q. Is Devsprints tickets free?
  • Yes. Any person who has a conference ticket is eligible to attend the Devsprints. However seats to Devsprints are limited. To manage the logistics for the event, one needs to register for the event for a nominal fee. Check this for more information.
Q. I have bought the ticket for the morning workshop but I want to attend evening workshop can I do that?
  • Please cancel the ticket and reregister. The participant will just incur the loss of ticketing platform.
Q. I have bought the workshop ticket am I eligible to participate in DevSprint?
  • No. A conference ticket is required to participate in the devsprint.
Q. Would be there any on-spot ticket registration at PyCon India 2018 venue?
  • No, there won't be any on-spot tickets available for the conference.
Q. Can I switch between the workshop in session time?
  • No. Each track is planned at their full capacity.
Q. I am a student who is graduating this year before the Conference date. Which ticket should I buy?
  • Students should show their valid ID card on the day of the Conference during registration to be eligible for the student ticket. So you should buy an early bird or regular ticket if you won't have your ID during the conference.
Q. My question is not listed here / I am still unclear about a few things. Whom should I contact?