Devsprints Tickets are Open

PyCon India 2018 Devsprints will happen on 8th and 9th October at Talent Sprint, PSR Prime Tower, Beside DLF Cyber City, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. We are excited to announce that tickets for Devsprints are open now!

Location: Map link

Get your ticket at

Update: 50% of the Devsprints tickets are sold out and another 50% of the tickets will be opened on 7th Oct, 11:00 AM.

Devsprints ticket are only available to those who have a valid conference ticket. So please use the email id that you used while purchasing the conference ticket.

Due to the limited capacity at the Devsprints venue which can accomodate only about 150 participants, we are taking a nominal amount of fee of INR 100 + GST on the tickets so that people who are really sure about attending the event register themselves. In the past we have seen keeping a plain registration allows people to simply RSVP to the event while the turn up is less than total and people who really wish to attend are left out. So we wanted to make sure people can commit to the event by keeping a nominal fee on the ticket.

To know more about what is a Devsprint and the list of projects check the Devsprints page. Also in case you want to mentor for a Devesprint project please add one there.

See you there at Devsprints !