PyCon India 2012

September 28-30, 2012

The organisers of PyCon India 2012 are looking for talk and tutorial proposals to fill the formal presentation and tutorial tracks. We accept proposals on a very broad range of topics related to Python programming.

Please follow the instructions below carefully before preparing a proposal and submitting it.

Important Dates

Permission to record/release presentations

In PyCon India, we intend to record all presentations live and release the recordings for free on the Internet so as to benefit the wider Python community. When you are submitting a proposal, you automatically give the Indian Python Software Society, the organizers of PyCon India, the permissions to record/edit and release the audio/video of your presentation.

Please note that no exceptions would be made in this regard.

The released media will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, version 3.0.

Talk Format

The typical length of a talk should be no more than 45 minutes. The presentation style should be concise, to the point with sufficient examples to clarify the discussion to the audience, if needed. After every talk there will be time reserved for questions from the audience (10 minutes). We will be providing a buffer of 5-10 minutes between talks so that the presenters get sufficient time to set-up their talk and attendees can move between the halls.

Tutorial Format

The typical length of the tutorial should be no more than 3 hours. All the classes run in PyCon India are volunteered. If you like to propose a tutorial, The submission of the tutorials also follow the same time lines as the talks.


You are encouraged to submit topics under anything about Python in general. However, we are accepting proposals under the following broad sections. If you find your topic doesn't fit into any specific section, slot it under "_Others".

Status: Closed


  1. Core Python — Language features, Python implementations, Python 3, Standard Library
  2. Embedded/Real-time Python — Embedded Python, Device Interfacing, Robotics
  3. Infrastructure — Deployments, System Configuration, Monitoring
  4. Mobile — Talks/tutorials on Mobile Computing.
  5. Scientific Computing — Scientific/Numeric Libraries, Cryptography, Data Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Visualizations
  6. Software Development Tools — GUI programming, Testing tools
  7. Web Development — Web Frameworks, Concurrency, Databases, NoSQL, Cloud Computing, Restful Interfaces
  8. _Others — Everything else that doesn't fit into the above sections

Session proposals

# Proposer Speaker Section Type Level +1 Comments Submitted
1 Python and GIS
Jaisathish kumar Jaisathish kumar _Others Talk Beginner 1 0 Sat, Aug 25
2 Jython - Python for Java Platform
Biju Biju Core Python Tutorial Beginner 5 0 Sat, Aug 25
3 Test Automation made easy with STAF and Python
pavan kumar pavan kumar Software Development Tools Talk Intermediate 2 0 Sat, Aug 25
4 Hands On Beginning Python
Jaganadh Gopinadhan Jaganadh Gopinadhan Core Python Tutorial Beginner 6 1 Sat, Aug 25
5 Evaluation of Python Machine Learning APIS for Text Classification
Jaganadh Gopinadhan Jaganadh Gopinadhan Scientific Computing Talk Intermediate 10 0 Sat, Aug 25
6 Python weds Elephant : An Introduction to Map Reduce Programming with Python
Jaganadh Gopinadhan Jaganadh Gopinadhan _Others Talk Intermediate 8 2 Sat, Aug 25
7 Advanced task management with Celery
Mahendra M Mahendra M Infrastructure Talk Advanced 4 0 Sat, Aug 25
8 Scaling Django with gevent
Mahendra M Mahendra M Web Development Talk Intermediate 7 0 Sat, Aug 25
9 Building a Dropbox clone with Python
Dushyant Bansal Dushyant Bansal Software Development Tools Tutorial Beginner 3 2 Sat, Aug 25
10 Natural Language Processing using Python
Shrinivasan T Shrinivasan T Software Development Tools Talk Beginner 11 0 Sat, Aug 25
11 Python programming with Raspberry Pi and Portable Python
Samarth Shah Samarth Shah Embedded/Real-time Python Talk Intermediate 19 1 Sat, Aug 25
12 Building intelligent websites with Python
Nagarjuna Varma Nagarjuna Varma Web Development Talk Beginner 8 2 Fri, Aug 24
13 Enaml: Pythonic, toolkit independent, declarative UIs
Puneeth Chaganti Puneeth Chaganti Software Development Tools Talk Beginner 9 6 Fri, Aug 24
14 New kids on the SciPy block
Puneeth Chaganti Puneeth Chaganti Software Development Tools Talk Beginner 8 2 Fri, Aug 24
15 Powerful building blocks for application development in Python
Prabhu Ramachandran Prabhu Ramachandran Software Development Tools Talk Intermediate 10 3 Fri, Aug 24
16 Building interactive applications with ETS
Prabhu Ramachandran Prabhu Ramachandran Software Development Tools Tutorial Intermediate 10 0 Fri, Aug 24
17 extract information from the web, beautifully
Anuvrat Parashar Anuvrat Parashar _Others Talk Beginner 7 0 Fri, Aug 24
18 Shake the very fabric of django deployment woes
Anuvrat Parashar Anuvrat Parashar Web Development Tutorial Intermediate 7 0 Fri, Aug 24
19 Optimization and Profiling
Gayatri Nittala Gayatri Nittala Software Development Tools Talk Beginner 4 0 Fri, Aug 24
20 Building a speaker recognition system
Achintya Prakash Achintya Prakash Scientific Computing Talk Beginner 23 2 Fri, Aug 24
21 Competition Programming and Problem Solving using Python
Dhruv Baldawa Dhruv Baldawa _Others Talk Beginner 16 1 Fri, Aug 24
22 Customizing the Django admin
Dheeraj Sayala Dheeraj Sayala Web Development Talk Intermediate 10 0 Fri, Aug 24
23 Celery for background task processing and deferred execution.
konark modi konark modi Web Development Tutorial Intermediate 10 1 Thu, Aug 23
24 Rapid development of website search in Python
Vishal Kanaujia Vishal Kanaujia Web Development Talk Intermediate 4 0 Thu, Aug 23
25 Introduction to MySQL Connector/Python
Uma Bhat Uma Bhat _Others Talk Beginner 7 0 Thu, Aug 23
26 Useless Python
t3rmin4t0r t3rmin4t0r _Others Talk Beginner 11 2 Thu, Aug 23
27 RPy2 : Using R from Python
Harsh Singhal Harsh Singhal Scientific Computing Talk Beginner 6 1 Wed, Aug 22
28 PyCassa - Python Cassandrified
Ramesh Rajini Ramesh Rajini Web Development Talk Beginner 9 0 Wed, Aug 22
29 Gevent and Coroutines - Scaling Real World Network Applications
Aalok Sood Aalok Sood Web Development Talk Intermediate 31 2 Tue, Aug 21
30 Simple Linux Cluster With Python and Beanstalkd
Rachee Singh Rachee Singh Scientific Computing Tutorial Intermediate 19 2 Mon, Aug 20
31 Language Modeling With Python
Emaad Ahmed Manzoor Emaad Ahmed Manzoor Scientific Computing Talk Beginner 21 0 Mon, Aug 20
32 Learning from the Past: with Scikit-Learn
Anoop Thomas Anoop Thomas Scientific Computing Talk Intermediate 21 3 Sat, Aug 18
33 Juju: Simple python based DevOps tool does much more than Orchestration.
Atul Jha Atul Jha Infrastructure Tutorial Beginner 6 1 Fri, Aug 17
34 Web development - Code to Deployment
A S L Devi A S L Devi Web Development Tutorial Beginner 13 0 Fri, Aug 17
35 MySQL Utilities - Time saving scripts for DBA
Megha Singhvi Megha Singhvi Web Development Talk Beginner 5 0 Fri, Aug 17
36 Python for Android
Arjun jain Arjun jain Mobile Talk Beginner 29 1 Fri, Aug 17
37 Openstack: Open source software for building private and public clouds written in Python.
Atul Jha Atul Jha Web Development Talk Intermediate 19 11 Thu, Aug 16
38 Python Bindings - How to quick-start on big projects using Python
Anmol Rajpurohit Anmol Rajpurohit Software Development Tools Talk Intermediate 45 3 Thu, Aug 16
39 Automated data analysis with Python
Anand S Anand S Scientific Computing Talk Intermediate 13 8 Thu, Aug 16
40 RESTful APIs with Python - Introduction & Demo
Pratik Mandrekar Pratik Mandrekar Web Development Tutorial Beginner 16 0 Wed, Aug 15
41 Automation of Web Application Testing Using Selenium with Python
Nithya Duraisamy Nithya Duraisamy Software Development Tools Talk Beginner 8 1 Wed, Aug 15
42 The Plone CMS - Current & Future
sureshvv sureshvv Web Development Talk Intermediate 2 1 Wed, Aug 15
43 python in big data world
Venkat SP Venkat SP Web Development Talk Beginner 13 4 Wed, Aug 15
44 Introduction to PyGObject - Gtk, GStreamer & other Gnome API
Dhananjay Sathe Dhananjay Sathe Software Development Tools Talk Intermediate 20 1 Tue, Aug 14
45 Build Your Own IVR
Piyush Aggarwal Piyush Aggarwal Infrastructure Tutorial Beginner 21 9 Tue, Aug 14
46 Healthy Webapps through Continuous Introspection
Erik van Zijst Erik van Zijst Web Development Talk Advanced 15 0 Mon, Aug 13
47 Solving Puzzles with Python
Anand Chitipothu Anand Chitipothu Core Python Tutorial Intermediate 10 0 Mon, Aug 13
48 Artificial Intelligence using Python
Adwait Sharma Adwait Sharma Scientific Computing Talk Intermediate 34 7 Sun, Aug 12
49 Mobile apps with Python, Quick!
Supreet Sethi Supreet Sethi Mobile Talk Intermediate 11 2 Sun, Aug 12
50 Queue Everything and Please Everyone
Vaidik Kapoor Vaidik Kapoor Web Development Talk Intermediate 12 2 Sun, Aug 12
51 Managing AWS cloud with python
Rohit Gupta Rohit Gupta Infrastructure Talk Intermediate 16 2 Thu, Aug 9
52 Taming the snake with the king of editors - Vim.
Satyajit Ranjeev Satyajit Ranjeev Software Development Tools Talk Beginner 32 3 Tue, Aug 7
53 The web micro framework potpourri
Arif Amirani Arif Amirani Web Development Talk Beginner 6 2 Tue, Aug 7
54 Highlights of Python 3.3
Nick Coghlan Nick Coghlan Core Python Talk Beginner 21 2 Mon, Aug 6
55 Path Dependent Development
Nick Coghlan Nick Coghlan _Others Talk Intermediate 14 1 Mon, Aug 6
56 PY 101 - Beginners guide to create a python package
Kracekumar Ramaraju Kracekumar Ramaraju Software Development Tools Tutorial Beginner 20 3 Fri, Aug 3
57 Text Analysis with python
Vijay Ramachandran Vijay Ramachandran Scientific Computing Talk Intermediate 28 3 Fri, Aug 3
58 Django – Introduction & Demo
Sivasubramaniam Arunachalam Sivasubramaniam Arunachalam Web Development Tutorial Beginner 34 2 Wed, Aug 1
59 Python for Perl Programmers
Saran Saran Core Python Talk Beginner 32 3 Wed, Aug 1
60 Gaphas - A Diagramming Widget Library for your Open Source Software
Saheb Motiani Saheb Motiani Software Development Tools Talk Beginner 4 2 Tue, Jul 31
61 Ansible - A radically simple configuration management and deployment framework
Nikhil Singh Nikhil Singh Infrastructure Talk Intermediate 6 2 Tue, Jul 31
62 Develop for an international audience
Ratnadeep Debnath Ratnadeep Debnath Web Development Talk Intermediate 23 0 Mon, Jul 30
63 Building better APIs
Hemant Kumar Hemant Kumar Web Development Talk Intermediate 31 2 Wed, Jul 25
64 Rewriting the Wayback machine's live web proxy in Python
Noufal Ibrahim Noufal Ibrahim Web Development Talk Intermediate 20 2 Tue, Jul 24
65 Building Real Time Django Apps
Avinash Prasad Avinash Prasad Web Development Talk Intermediate 22 3 Sun, Jul 22
66 Rails for Django developers
Shabda Raaj Shabda Raaj Web Development Talk Intermediate 13 6 Sat, Jul 21
67 Testing Embedded Systems with Python
Sibin Thomas Sibin Thomas Embedded/Real-time Python Talk Beginner 12 3 Sat, Jul 21
68 Developing Ubuntu apps for fun and profit
Javed Khan Javed Khan Software Development Tools Tutorial Beginner 29 0 Sat, Jul 21
69 Django templates for Web Designers
Shreyank Gupta Shreyank Gupta Web Development Talk Intermediate 16 2 Fri, Jul 20
70 Python As a Learning Language (An undergraduate student’s view)
Rishi Mukherjee Rishi Mukherjee _Others Talk Beginner 12 7 Mon, Jul 16
71 Cryptanalysis using python
Nivedita Datta Nivedita Datta Scientific Computing Talk Intermediate 22 8 Sun, Jul 15
72 Visualizing the Learning in ML Algorithms
Jaidev Deshpande Jaidev Deshpande Scientific Computing Talk Intermediate 22 2 Fri, Jul 13
73 Guide to TDD and Flight to BDD with python/django
Saket Bhushan Saket Bhushan Web Development Talk Intermediate 28 0 Mon, Jul 9
74 Metaclass in Python and how it is helpful in framework like Django
Akshar Raaj Akshar Raaj Core Python Talk Intermediate 25 3 Sun, Jul 8
75 Document your code
kushaldas kushaldas Software Development Tools Talk Intermediate 24 3 Thu, Jul 5
76 Python, the weird bits
Saager Mhatre Saager Mhatre Core Python Talk Intermediate 17 2 Tue, Jul 3
77 Unit testing using Mock
Gaurav Sood Gaurav Sood Software Development Tools Talk Beginner 12 0 Wed, Jun 27
78 Python and .NET - A happy relationship?
Rudi MK Rudi MK _Others Talk Intermediate 3 0 Tue, Jun 26