PyCon India 2009
26th and 27th September 2009
Venue: IISC, Bengaluru
Talk Title An analysis of the use of Python/Jython at Strand.
Speaker Anand Janakiraman
Level Moderate
Category Normal talk (45 - 60 minutes)
Accepted True
Scheduled True
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Abstract Several of Strand Life Sciences' products are built on top of the avadis(TM) platform - a powerful data mining and visualization platform. While the core of the avadis(TM) platform is largely in JAVA with bits and pieces of C++, it has a powerful scripting interface using Python/Jython. This talk presents the use of Python/Jython in the products at Strand - and analyzes the pros and cons. Some of the key advantages include rapid development, immense customization and flexibility, and quick debugging abilities. But it has also had its downsides that I will elaborate in the talk.
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