PyCon India 2009
26th and 27th September 2009
Venue: IISC, Bengaluru
Talk Title Buildout for Development and Deployment
Speaker Baiju Muthukadan
Level Moderate
Category Normal talk (45 - 60 minutes)
Accepted True
Scheduled True
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Abstract Buildout is a Python-based build system for creating, assembling and deploying applications. Buildout can be used to setup an isolated working environment for developing applications. Buildout can also be used for deploying applications in production systems. Buildout can build applications using multiple software components with different configurations. Buildout tracks all dependencies and install it. Buildout provides an isolated, repeatable environment for development and deployment. Buildout is configuration driven. Buildout lets you create a configuration and reproduce the same software later. Buildout can be used with any Python project. Buildout has a plugin mechanism called recipes. Recipes provide additional functionalities to Buildout. There are numerous recipes created by the community. Buildout is created by Jim Fulton of Zope Corporation, along with hundreds of recipe authors. More information about Buildout is available in Buildout website:
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This is very well written abstract. Buildout is a powerful tool which has handled many successful python deployments. I hope the audience will love config and release management and deployment with buildout..

Hi Baiju, About three years back I got in touch with you when I was wondering whether to use Zope 2 or Zope 3 for a distributed application I was working on at that time. I took your advice and worked hard on Zope 3 (3.3.1 to be exact). It paid of well and the application has been successfully deployed at various customer installations world wide. Over time, I have been wondering about a new dilemma of how to migrate over to zope 3.4 and beyond. The core issue I face is as follows. The customers know nothing about Python. They are pretty much non-programming profile people. All they know about are a couple of Windows services which are part of my application. I have to provide customers a full fledged windows installer which contains all the code (including python installer, and all other packages like zope , reportlab) etc. and installs them properly (without needing any internet connection also). The zope instances are also created automatically (using the 3.3.1 style mkzopeinstance). I have been wondering as to how buildout based installation would fit into these kind of requirements. I am not sure if I have explained the problem well. I am certainly looking forward to your talk to understand buildout in depth...

Posted by: Shailesh Kumar

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