PyCon India 2009
26th and 27th September 2009
Venue: IISC, Bengaluru

Pycon India 2009

  Pycon-India 2009 is a community conference by the Python developer community. A purely volunteer effort, it is being hosted for the first time in India, and will attract some of the best Python hackers in India.   

Pycon India 2009 will be held in Bangalore, India, between Saturday,26th September 2009 and Sunday 27th September 2009.   

Why Sponsor Pycon India?


We expect between 150-200 delegates at the Conference. The delegates are a mix of students, developers and individuals with strong interest in Python programming language. As well as being fun, enjoyable and informative, the conference will provide an excellent opportunity to network with others in the Python community.   

In time this will scale into a truly international conference with Python developers and enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds. Your sponsorship will help keep Pycon India affordable and accessible to the widest possible audience.   

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Please contact Noufal Ibrahim <>, the Pycon India 2009 coordinator.


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