GraphQL: the new flexible language of scalable APIs

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What is GraphQL

Think in graphs, not endpoints - by Lee Byron, GraphQL Co-Inventor.

- data query language for client-server communication for data fetching and manipulation
- support for server-side frameworks, client libraries
- reduces development efforts and network bandwidth

what you want is what you get

What are REST(ish) APIs

APIs that talk HTTP (verbs) which give structured access to resources


Challenges and pain points with REST

- over or underfetching information
- querying nested information is a pain

How GraphQL answers those challenges with examples

- single query to the server that includes concrete data requirements
    - get exactly what you need in the format how you need it
- strong schema and type system
    - smaller API dev cycles
    - validation
    - powerful introspection system
- allows querying nested information naturally

Dive into GraphQL

- queries and mutations
- how graphQL does its magic

Eco System and tools

Challenges with GraphQL



Some understanding of what REST APIs are would be beneficial.

Speaker Info:

Devi is a software consultant and a trainer. She has been using Python as a primary tool in web development, machine learning etc for the past 8 years. Currently she works as a Lead backend developer/Architect at PowerToFly. She worked with Avaaz, HasGeek, AMD, C-DAC before, among others.

She has done M.Tech in Computational Science from IISc, before which she tried out teaching Mathematics.

Speaker Links:

Devi has given a workshop on Web Development - Code to deployment at PyCon India, 2012 and a talk on ReST APIs at PyCon India, 2015. Both the talks were well received.

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