ReST APIs - What, Why and How.

asldevi (~asldevi)




Intro (10 mins)

  • What is an API ?
  • What's being ReSTful and what's not?
  • Why are they useful ?
  • How should it be ?
    • Standards - are there any ?
  • Maintaining Backward Compatibility
    • How easy or difficult is it?
    • Learning from history - Twitter example
    • Versioning

Authentication/Authorization of an API (5 mins)

  • Choices
  • How it works

Tight coupling to databases / ORMs ( 5 mins)

  • automagic apis
  • Pros and Cons

What should you look for when choosing a lib for your REST API ( 5 mins)

Summary ( 5 mins)

Questions ( 5 mins)


Understanding of web development would be nice but is not required.

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Here are the slides from a presentation at my work place on REST APIs, which will be improved upon.

Speaker Info:

Devi is a freelance programmer/consultant and a trainer. She has been using Python as a primary tool in web development, machine learning etc for the past 7 years. Currently she works as a lead developer/architect at PowerToFly.

She has done M.Tech in Computational Science from IISc, before which she tried out teaching mathematics.

She has given a workshop on Web Development - Code to deployment at PyCon India, 2012, which was well received.

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