Workshops in PyCon India 2021

PyCon India is a grass-roots, volunteer-driven conference. What that means is every year for the past 12 years, Python communities across the nation have come together to help plan, organize, manage, and run the conference. The conference has been operated entirely by volunteers, from planning to finding the keynote speakers, managing call for proposals, and executing the mega event successfully.

This year, we got 40+ proposals for workshops. After due review, we have selected the following to be presented for this year's conference.

Building Powerful Interactive AI/ML web apps using Streamlit

This workshop will provide an overview of Streamlight and its features. In which a simple AI/ML model will be built and use streamlit features to build an interactive user interface

Getting Kafka-esque with Python

With this workshop, the speakers plan to provide the building blocks for the PyCon India community to build resilient stream processing applications on their own data using Apache Kafka. The participant can expect to walk away from the workshop with fair knowledge about:

a. Deploying Python applications to Kafka b. Integrating Python apps to data sources and sinks c. Understanding data paradigms in modern streaming architectures.

Make your Cloud Native Python applications Kubernetes native!

In this workshop, the speaker will explore how to leverage the Kubernetes Python Client from Python to talk with the Kubernetes API Server. Examples will be taken of some real-life use cases that need to talk to the Kubernetes API.

a. Custom Workload Scheduler b. Dynamic Service Catalogue c. Kubernetes Access Control Management

IndicNLP: Natural Language Processing for Indian Languages using Python

In this workshop, the speaker will perform Natural Language Processing tasks on a few of the Indian languages, including cross-language processing, transliterated text, and translated text. The speaker will demonstrate how to build an NLP application to process Indian languages.

Knowledge graph data modelling with TerminusDB

Storing data in a tabular format is not always ideal. Taking advantage of strong data in knowledge graphs can make handling complex data structure possible and data visualization easier. In this workshop, we will get all the basics to start modelling data in terms of triples and building schemas of a knowledge graph.

Introduction to Property-Based Testing

In this tutorial, the speaker will learn the basic concepts of property-based testing, and how to apply them to find bugs in real-world Python code using Hypothesis. The speaker will work through four blocks, each consisting of a short talk, live-coded demo, and extensive exercises for attendees:

a. Property-Based Testing 101: core concepts and the core of the Hypothesis library b. Describe your Data: from numbers, to arrays, to recursive and more complicated things c. Common Tests: from "does not crash" to "write+read == noop" to 'metamorphic relations' d. Putting it into Practice: use what you've learned to find real bugs in a real project!

We look forward to seeing you all out there with us for the workshops at PyCon India 2021.
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