Building Powerful Interactive AI/ML web apps using Streamlit

Sasidhar Donaparthi (~sasidhar)


Streamlit has gained a lot of popularity in last few months/years. This workshop is to introduce

  • Provide overview of Streamlit and its features
  • build a simple AI/ML model
  • Use streamlit features to build an interactive user interface
  • Walk thru some of the already built user interfaces


Experience in Python programming, Basic understanding of AI/ML Concepts

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I am a mechanical engineering graduate with more than 2 decades of experience in manufacturing and financial services domains, I have started my career as design engineer in hydraulic turbine manufacturing company. After spending 5 years, I have stated my IT journey at Aspect Development/i2 Technology. I have worked primarily on data scrubbing, modelling, analysis and data migration projects for supply chain management. I then joined technology services side of Fidelity, financial services company. I have been using python for last 6+ years for automation, data analysis, web development, etc. I am very excited about the endless opportunities that arise in day today work and application of python for solving problems, automating day to day activities. I am very passionate about teaching python to engineering students thru pythonexpress program. I conduct regular training sessions for data analys ( numpy, pandas and matplotlib) in my organization.

I have done workshops at couple of times at Bangalore Python meetup (BangPyPers) and also I have done "Data Analysis & Visualisation using Python" workshop at Pycon 2017 Delhi

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twitter handle - @sdonapar

Section: Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Intermediate
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