Help us, Help you Convince Your Boss

There is lots to be gained by attending PyCon India 2020. Unfortunately, it takes time to sit down and compose an email to send to your boss enumerating all of them. Now consider that at least half of our attendees attempt to do that, we would lose so many hours of productivity reinventing the wheel ;) Hence, in the spirit of Python and automation, the PyCon India Content team is here to save the day. Down below, we have composed a "Convince your boss" letter. Of course, feel free to edit the parts you need and remove some you don't.

The Letter

Dear {BOSS},

I am excited to brief you about PyCon India 2020, India's premier conference on using and developing the Python programming language that takes place online from October 2-5, 2020. About 1500+ Pythonistas from diverse fields and all over the world are bound to be in attendance for the 12th edition of this mega event.

It would be great if I can get an opportunity to attend this conference as there will be innumerable benefits for me as an individual which will in turn impact the organization as well. To list a few:

  • {OPTIONAL} I am particularly keen on attending this {TALK/WORKSHOP/DEVSPRINT} on {TOPIC} presented by {SPEAKER-NAME} as our {PROJECT/UPCOMING PROJECT} is based on this.

  • Exposure to the actionable best practices & tools that we could use in our projects, saving money and time spent exploring different options.

  • Provides a forum to get a sneak peek at upcoming innovations.

  • Provides a platform to unmask the rationality behind the trending technologies like ML/AI, automation, web development, software development, IoT, and more that uses Python.

  • Learning technologies from a wide array of talks, workshops, keynotes, and developer sprints each presented by inspiring and enthusiastic industry experts, community leaders, and many young minds delving into important concepts and new technologies.

  • Opportunity to network or even able to hire like-minded people from diverse backgrounds including programmers, enthusiasts, researchers, entrepreneurs scholars, and many more.

  • A chance to spread the word about our company and create goodwill about the opportunities and incentives the employees are given. This will be the ideal way to attract future employees from a diversified talent pool.

  • {OPTIONAL} As an {employee}, attending the conference will also demonstrate to the tech community that our company believes in providing more such opportunities very seriously.

PyCon India's committed to keeping the event inclusive and easily accessible by all. Hence, due to the online nature of the conference, we have kept the ticket prices to a bare minimum this year. The ticket includes access to 2 days of PyCon India 2020 keynotes & talks.

I would be happy to write a post-conference report detailing what I've learned and to recommend any changes that we could implement to improve our practices. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I hope we make use of this opportunity for the benefit of our company.

Thank you, {YOURNAME}


The article is loosely based on PyCon India 2019's version of Convince your Boss

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