A Lucent Guide to Poster Presentation

Hello Pythonistas, in this blog, we will discuss about posters and walk you through the process of making a great poster presentation at PyCon India 2019.

What is a Poster?

Posters are graphical summary of projects or ideas. They are usually presented with an A0 size poster, but any creative ways are always welcome. The poster session provides an opportunity to network with the conference attendees and acts as a starting point for further discussions. While talks generally need to appeal to a wide section of the community, posters can cover niche topics.

PyCon India 2019 will be having a poster presentation session at post lunch, day 1 (12 October 2019). During the poster presentation session you will be provided with a poster board that can hold an A0 size poster, and a table to place your laptop, for demos. Conference attendees interested in your topic, will stop by, during which you can give them a brief presentation / demo.

The following pictures of the poster session at PySangamam 2018, might give you a better idea of the poster session. Click on the image to enlarge.

Why do a poster presentation at PyCon India?

Why do a Poster

Now, let’s get into the actual process – The Preparation.

How to prepare a Poster?

Steps to prepare a poster presentation

First, ensure that you select a good title. Conference attendees will use it to determine which posters to attend. Make sure it brings in audience who will be interested in your poster.

Second, for the poster itself, here are a few tips for creating the poster: While textual representation is good, graphical representation will attract more eyes Make sure the contents are properly sized and spaced in the poster so that it is viewable from decent distance Provoke the reader's curiosity which will open up space for further discussions Provide links for the attendees to know more about the topic and connect with you / the community

You can refer to the following real poster presentation proposals for inspirations.

Submit your proposal:

Now, submit your proposal at https://in.pycon.org/cfp/posters-2019/proposals/.

Last date for submission is 31 August 2019


Once your proposal gets selected, you will have time till 11 October 2019 to practice. Get your poster ready and improvise your micro talk. You may even improve your poster. Don't slog but iterate for betterment.

On 12 October 2019,

Reach the venue 45 minutes in advance so that you can set up your poster and get comfortable at the venue.

What next? Unleash the presenter in you!

See you at PyCon India 2019!

If you had missed to buy the conference tickets, no worries. Once your proposal is selected by our Review Panel, you can contact us to get the speaker ticket. This will cover two days of PyCon India (12th and 13th October 2019).

For questions, contact the coordinators through email: