Clarifications on Dev Sprints

We have been receiving few queries about Dev Sprints, so this blog clarifies most of such queries and doubts, please read the other blog we posted for Dev sprints before this, if you haven't yet.

Ques - Why should I register for Dev Sprints?
Ans - Given the limited capacity of 150 at the venue and to manage the logistics dev sprint attendees hence we have opened registrations for dev Sprint.

Ques - Open source contributions are generally free. Why dev sprint tickets are paid?
Ans - We wanted to give the serious people a certain chance to attend the Dev Sprint given the limited capacity. Based on our previous experience of free sponsored workshop tickets, we thought a nominal fee of Rs. 100 + GST would discourage casual registrations. This also facilitates a fair chance for people who are willing to commit their time and effort towards open source contribution.

Ques - How are the Dev Sprint tickets released?
Ans - We have opened only 50% of dev sprint tickets on 29th September. As we expected, all ticket were sold out within 24 hours. The remaining 50% of tickets would be opened on the second day of the conference 7th Oct, 11:00 a.m. The rationale for opening 50% tickets later: Considering the limited capacity at the venue, we wanted to give equal opportunity to everyone willing to attend dev sprints.

Hope this clarifies some of the questions we have been receiving via different channels, if you have any further questions please write to