"Winner of Kenneth Gonsalves Award 2016-Dr.Ajith Kumar B.P!"

PSSI is happy as well as feeling honoured to announce that "Dr.Ajith Kumar B.P", a scientist at Inter University Accelerator Centre, as the winner of "Kenneth Gonsalves Award 2016".

Dr.Ajith Kumar B.P

Dr.Ajith Kumar B.P

Ajith Kumar B.P. has been working as a scientist, at Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi, since 1987. He has done his M.Sc and Ph.d. in Nuclear Physics from the University of Calicut and M.Sc in Accelerator Physics, from University of Manitoba. His work mainly involved in the design and development of particle accelerators and associated experimental facilities.

For the past two decades, he has been involved in promoting Free Software Tools in Education. He has put some efforts to make free and open source tools popular among the academic community, which includes Python in their syllabus. He has also written a book on Python "Python for Education" for this purpose.

He has developed control and data acquisition systems for particle accelerators using open source tools.

He has been leading a project, which aimed to develop an ejphotolow cost laboratory equipment using open source hardware and software tools. Python is used as "Data Analysis and Visualization" in this project, and the details are at expeyes. Training programs for college teachers are conducted under this project, enabling them to use Python and GNU/Linux for teaching mathematics and science, including experiments.

Ajith Kumar B.P will be presented this Award on 24th Sep, the opening day of PyCon India 2016.

PSSI and Team PyCon India would like to extend their hearty Congratulations to Mr. Ajith Kumar B.P for his achievement, and wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.

Team PyCon India

PyCon India